Tech Lolz: Jesus Will Save You, But Won't Save Your Files

backupIt is not uncommon to find trolls on forums and on FAQ sections. Today we found one who really made us laugh and we decided to share his fabulous question and the answers that followed with you also. But before we go deeper and dive into the topic itself, Sir, do you have a minute to talk about the last time you did a decent back-up to your files? What would Jesus do?

The Best Benchmark Apps For Android Smartphones And Tablets

BenchmarkHere, at 7 Tutorials, we always want to test more and more devices each day. Recently, we asked ourselves… why wouldn't we also get into the Android business? So we did, but the first thing we had to do before being able to measure the performance of many Android devices, was to find which are the best and most reliable benchmark apps available for this platform. After some research and lots of testing, we've come up with a list that we think is pretty complete. Read on to find which are the best Android benchmark apps.

Reviewing The Inateck BK1003 Bluetooth Keyboard - Affordable And Portable

InateckTablets are justifiably popular devices these days. They are lightweight, easy to slip into a bag and carry around, and incredibly versatile. However, even with the addition of a “Swipe" keyboard app, typing on a tablet's virtual keyboard isn't as smooth and fast as typing on a physical keyboard, at least once you're past the hunt and peck stage of typing. That's why many manufacturers are providing small, light, portable keyboards that make life even easier for tablet lovers. Inateck offers portable keyboards in both PC and Mac layouts. We received the BK1003 keyboard for testing (it has a Windows layout, but more about that in a minute). After testing it out with a variety of devices we're ready to show you what we found, in this review:

Introducing Windows 8.1: Group Shortcuts On The Start Screen & Name Them

StartOrganization is the key to productivity. Having important stuff you pinned on the Start screen scattered all over the place is not very efficient. Your favourite apps will be hard to find, especially if there's a large number of apps pinned on the Start screen. The best option for Windows 8.1 users is to group the items and label them properly. Besides the utility of this feature, you will notice that your Start screen will also look more attractive. In this article we will show how to easily group the items on the Start screen and how the name the groups you created.

Reviewing The Canyon CNS-SK86 Gaming Keyboard

Canyon CNS-SK86Canyon is a brand that offers affordable mobile accessories, PC accessories, multimedia and gaming peripherals. One of their newest products is a gaming keyboard called Canyon CNS-SK86. We've tested the keyboard for more than a week and now we're ready to share our conclusions. Read on to learn what Canyon CNS-SK86 has to offer to gamers and non-gamers alike.

How To Get Rid Of Black Bars In Movie Maker

Movie MakerEver notice those annoying black bars on the sides or along the top and bottom of a video? Oftentimes, the culprit is an incorrectly set aspect ratio. In Movie Maker, it's easy to mistakenly save a movie in the wrong aspect ratio, thus creating these black bars in your final product. This tutorial will explain why these black bars appear and how you can get rid of them in Movie Maker for Windows.

Simple Questions: What Is The Clearblack Technology And Why Is It Great?

ClearBlackRecently, some of our friends asked what ClearBlack is and why we always say it's so great. Unfortunately, we couldn't tell them anything else except that the ClearBlack screens available on our Lumias look really good. The "black is black" and you can see what's displayed on them even when you're outdoors, in bright light. As you can imagine, we felt frustrated about our not so helpful explanation. So we started digging on the Internet, in order to find more about Nokia's ClearBlack technology and why it is awesome. Here's what we've found:

Reviewing The Canyon CND-SGM7 Gaming Mouse

Canyon CND-SGM7Canyon is a company that offers mobile accessories, PC accessories, multimedia and gaming peripherals. They have recently announced a new gaming mouse, called the Canyon CND-SGM7. We wanted to test the device and see how well it performs, and now we're ready to share our conclusions, after testing it for a week. Read on to learn whether Canyon CND-SGM7 is worth buying or not.

Security For Everyone - Reviewing Avast! Premier 2015

Avast!Avast! built its very strong reputation on the free products it offers, used by millions of users worldwide. However, they don't release only free products. They are also selling commercial products, aimed at providing complete antivirus and firewall protection to their users. This year, they launched a new internet security suite, called Avast! Premier 2015. We took their most powerful security product and, for more than a week, we put it to the test. If you're curious to learn what we found, read this review.