How To Add Animations & Visual Effects To Your Movie Maker Videos

Movie MakerMovie Maker allows you to easily create photo slideshows and home movies without any technical knowledge. You can give them a more professional look and feel by adding transitions, pan and zoom and other visual effects. In this tutorial, we will explain the differences between each of these animations and effects and we’ll show you how to use them into your Movie Maker project.

How To Secure Your Dropbox Data In Windows Phone With A PIN

DropboxDropbox is a very popular cloud storage service that's also present on Windows Phone. One of the things you can do with the Dropbox app for Windows Phone is to lock all your data with a security PIN, so that people who get unauthorized access to your smartphone, don't get access to your data on Dropbox. Here's how to enable this security feature:

Which Are The Best Free File Recovery Tools? Comparing 5 Of The Most Popular Programs

file recoveryThese days you can find quite a few programs that promise to help you recover accidentally deleted files. It is great to have lots of options but, which programs are really good at recovering deleted files? Which of them deliver on their promise? To find out, we tested some of the most popular applications in this niche, all of which are free for personal use. Let's see what we discovered.

How To Use Contacts+Message Backup App For Windows Phone

ContactsThere are certain situations where you need to backup your contacts or messages, like a system reset or switching to another Windows Phone. Windows Phone didn't have a built-in function that could restore your contacts and messages until now, when Microsoft released it in the form of a free application called Contact+Message Backup. The process is simple: the application creates backup for all your contacts and messages to your SD card. You can use this backup for a later restore on the same Windows Phone or another Windows Phone device. In this tutorial you will learn how to install the Contact+Message Backup app and how to use it. Let's go:

Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 26th of April - 2nd of May 2015

During this quite busy week for Microsoft, we learned what the future holds for the Internet of Things(IoT) from Microsoft's point of view, we've seen a new Windows 10 preview build, learned the official name of Project Spartan and more! Read this full recap to get up to speed with the most important news from within Microsoft's ecosystem:

Tech Lolz: The Unbearable Lightness Of Self-Confidence Or "Ma, I'm On YouTube!"

YouTubeThere was a joke when I was I kid that sounded something like this: "A mother is sitting on a bench in front of her apartment building, her 10 years old son is on his bike circling the building. After a couple of rounds, he starts getting brave and shouts to his mom: Look, ma, I'm driving with just one hand! He circles the building again and gets even braver: Look, ma, no hands! After one more circle he stops and tells his mom: Look, ma, no teeth!". Which is a lovely story about how you would break your bones or teeth by playing outside when you were a kid, which is mainly what happens today as well, just that now it is all uploaded on YouTube.

How To Quickly Rename Multiple Files Using Windows Shortcuts & Features

File ExplorerAlthough computers suggest speed and efficiency, there are still a lot of time consuming tasks that take more time than they should. One of those tasks is renaming many files at once. For example, you may have found files with names that didn't suggest anything or were really hard to sort and thereby hard to find or work with. If you were to rename each file one by one, you would waste a lot of time. Luckily, Windows offers a quick way to rename a group of files in one go and we are going to share it with you in this article:

8 Things You Can Do With The Health & Fitness App In Windows 8.1

HealthIf you've always wanted to start exercising, to build a healthy body but didn't know where to begin, the Health and Fitness app from windows 8.1 could get you on the right path. You'll find workouts, diets and tips to help you get started on that dream body, and also to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet after you reach your goal weight. Let's start and go through all the features that this app has to offer.

Windows Defender Gets Cloud Protection In Windows 10 - How To Turn It On

Windows DefenderOne of the less visible features of Windows 10 is that Windows Defender gets improved using cloud protection. When enabled, Windows Defender sends information to Microsoft about any problems it finds. This information is then used to learn about the problems affecting you and other users. With your help, Microsoft can develop new anti-malware signatures and fixes that help deal with malware in a more effective manner. Here’s how to enable cloud protection in Windows 10:

How To Rotate Misoriented Videos Using Windows Movie Maker

Movie MakerSometimes, when you import videos into your computer, they end up being oriented incorrectly. This is particularly an issue with videos short with your smartphone, which can be shot in landscape or portrait mode. You can correct their orientation permanently by using Movie Maker, which you can get for free as part of Windows Essentials from Microsoft. This quick tutorial will show how to import such videos into Movie Maker, how to rotate and export them as new video with the correct orientation.

How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Files With Recuva

RecuvaDon't you hate it when you accidentally deleted a file and you realize later that you absolutely need it? If it went to the Recycle Bin, it's easy to restore. But what if you permanently deleted it, with a Shift+Delete keyboard combination? Or you deleted it from a memory card or USB stick? Like the wedding photos from last week? Luckily, most times it is possible to recover those files. There are many tools that can help you do this. One of them is named Recuva, it is free and very popular. In this tutorial will show you how to recover deleted files using this application.