How To Create An Animated GIF Using Your Own Pictures, With GIMP

GIF, animateIn one of our recent Tech Lolz series, we had a really good laugh about a guy who tried to make an animated GIF using a single picture and Paint. But to create any kind of animation, you need at least two different images, so that when you render them one after the other you get an animated sequence. Today, we thought it would be a good idea to show you an easy way of creating your own animated GIF file, with your own pictures, using a free application called GIMP. Let's dive in:

How To Connect & Work With A FTP Server From Windows/File Explorer

FTP serverOne of the less known features available in Windows Explorer and in File Explorer is that these tools can handle connections to FTP servers. You can use them to do all the file and folder management operations you would expect: copy, move, delete, create, rename and so on. In this guide, we will show you how to use Windows Explorer and File Explorer in order to make quick connections to any kind of FTP servers.

Reviewing Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX 7 - A Good Tablet With Strong Hardware

Kindle FireRecently, we got our hands on the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7, a tablet manufactured by, you guessed it, Amazon. The company is a giant in the world of online retail, and it's also the most renowned e-book reader manufacturer out there. However, for some time now, they have also produce other mobile devices, like tablets, smartphones or TV sticks. The Kindle Fire HDX 7 is the third generation of Kindle Fire tablets and it promises to deliver great hardware and an improved operating system, that's both light, elegant and easy to use. This is our first encounter with an Amazon mobile device, so you can imagine how curious we were about it. Find out from this review all the strong and all the weak points of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7:

How To Reserve Windows 10 If You Don't Have The "Get Windows 10" App

reserve, Windows 10A while ago, Microsoft pushed the "Get Windows 10" app via its Windows Update channels. The app is supposed to help you reserve a Windows 10 copy for your computer, once it is officially released to the general public. However, many users didn't get this app and couldn't reserve their Windows 10 copies, even if, theoretically, they met all the requirements. This article will help you check if you meet the requirements for being eligible to a free Windows 10 upgrade, and also troubleshoot some issues that may stop your device from getting the reservation app.

Security On Facebook: The First Steps In Having A Safe & Pleasant Experience

FacebookNowadays it seems like nearly everyone is on Facebook. It's a great way to connect with your friends and family, get in touch with people from your past, and share what's happening in your life. But it's also a place where your personal information can get stolen, your computer infected, and your friends' computers and information compromised as well. Wherever people gather in cyberspace these days, cyber bad guys gather as well. Even though the Facebook interface changes frequently and they keep trying to make it safer, it's still all too easy to give out information you should have kept private. In this article we'll talk about the most important ways to set your Facebook account to keep away the bad guys. In the next article we'll go into other Facebook settings that will help safeguard your privacy.

Tech Lolz: How To Fit A Large Cube Inside A Tiny Sphere?

PictureHello there, everyone, and welcome to this week's episode of "Who Invented The Rubber Duck Anyway?". No, this will not be an article about rubber ducks, bathtubs or anything similar, but one about how not everything is possible. Before you start digging through your bookmarks after that meme with "Impossible means I'm Possible", don't waste your time. Some things are not really possible, yet. For example, it is not possible to move a mountain with your bare hands, unless you are green and belong in Marvel series. Oh, yes, and unless you're fictional. But today we have a very real fellow trying to be a digital superhero. Grab your biscuits and enjoy.

The Best Tools To Check For Software Updates

UpdateDuring the early days of Windows, the operating system was usually the direct target of most malware creators. Along the way, Microsoft has worked a lot on hardening the operating system by creating and delivering security patches to its users in as timely a manner they possibly could. Today, Windows is becoming more and more secure and therefore it forces malware creators to shift their focus on finding and using vulnerabilities for popular Windows applications. As such, it becomes very important to keep all your installed applications up-to-date if you want to have a secure computing experience. So, is there a single app that can automatically search for all the available updates? Our analysis aims to answer this question and show you which tools are good for this particular task.

Project To Another Display From Windows 8.1 Using The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft Wireless Display AdapterMiracast is a wireless technology that your Windows 8.1 devices can use to project their screens to TVs, projectors, and streaming media players that support this technology. However, if your TV or monitor doesn't offer Miracast, you can purchase the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and use it to project wirelessly to any display with both an HDMI port and a powered USB port. Here's how to project from a Windows 8.1 computer or device with support for Miracast, to any display, using the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter:

Top 4 Annoying Practices Of Security Vendors

SecurityDo you remember the good ol' times when security vendors used to sell you exactly what you asked for? When you wanted to buy an antivirus or any kind of complete security solution, the vendor would sell you exactly that: an antivirus or a security suite. But times have changed and more and more companies don't do that anymore. Instead, they charge you for the product you buy, but they also make money off you by bundling all kinds of bloatware that you don't need or want. Unfortunately, this has become a common practice on the security market and fewer and fewer companies still do things the old way. Today, we're set to show you some of the most common annoying practices among security vendors: