How To Upgrade Your Windows 8.1 Or Windows 7 PC To Windows 10 Right Now!

Windows 10, upgradeWindows 10 is officially launched and it's already on its way to many people's computers or devices. If you are eligible, you can go ahead and upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer or device to Windows 10, either by using the reservation app, or the Media Creation Tool offered by Microsoft. If you are not satisfied with how the reservation app works and the fact that it is slow to provide you with an upgrade, then the Media Creation Tool is your only chance of getting Windows 10 today. Here's how to use it to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer, today:

How To Download Windows 10 And Create Your Own Installation Media

Windows 10, upgradeAs everybody knows by now, Windows 10 is available, so anyone eligible for upgrade can install it. If you reserved your upgrade you probably already have it on your hard drive, waiting for you to start installing it. However, if you didn't reserve your Windows 10 copy, the fastest way to still get it on your computer or device is to download it from Microsoft servers. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a tool called Media Creation Tool, which you can use to create a Windows 10 ISO file, a Windows 10 flash drive or directly upgrade your current computer or device to Windows 10. Read on to see exactly the steps you need to take:

How To Install Windows 10 Using A Retail Disc Or ISO Image

Windows 10, installWindows 10 is here and, as of today, you can install it on your computers or devices. One way is to do it via Windows Update and another is to use a retail disc you purchased with Windows 10 or an ISO image that you have downloaded from Microsoft or somewhere else on the web. In this guide we are going to show you how to make a clean installation on your computer or device, using a retail disc of Windows 10 or an ISO image. The process is different than when installing Windows 7 or Windows 8, so pay attention to our guide:

Top 12 Lesser Known Features & Improvements In Windows 10

Windows 10, less known featuresWindows 10 is ready for launch and many tech publications have covered it in their articles. However, everybody talks only about its biggest new features. As is always the case with operating systems, there are many small things that are new to Windows 10 and most people have never heard about them. We tested Windows 10 during its development cycle and we know many of these small new features. We decided to share them with you in this article:

How To Change The Size Of The Start Menu In Windows 10

Windows 10, Start MenuThe latest edition of Microsoft's operating system came with loads of new features, one of which is a returning one. Many users were disappointed by the removal of the Start Menu in Windows 8 and 8.1 and Microsoft pleased them in Windows 10, as the Start Menu is back, and it's better then ever. One of its great features is that it can be resized. Let's see how.

How To Unlock A BitLocker Encrypted Flash Drive

BitLockerProtecting the data on your flash drive using BitLocker drive encryption is a smart move to ensure that your personal information is not available to anyone who gets their hands on your drive. While it does take a while to encrypt the data, after the initial setup, you will have no trouble using your encrypted drive. By entering the password you configured, you can unlock it for regular use in a matter of seconds to have full access to view, copy and edit your data. Read on to learn everything you'll need to know to work with your encrypted drive.

Top 12 Most Exciting New Features Of Windows 10

Windows 10, best featuresWindows 10 is said to be the best Windows so far and that means it has to meet plenty of high expectations. Luckily, Windows 10 brings some really neat and interesting new features: starting with a completely redesigned Start Menu and continuing with a better Desktop experience, to Cortana (a witty personal digital assistant), to Microsoft Edge (the most modern web browser built by Microsoft in recent years). It's no surprise to us that Windows 10 got everybody excited, at least in the tech scene. In this article we are going to share some of the best new features that you'll find in Windows 10. Let's get started:

How To Add & Switch Keyboard Languages In Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 devices generally have English plus your native language as the default keyboard input languages available for typing messages and emails. In today's world many of us know more than one language and we communicate with people all over the world. In such situations we need more than one keyboard input language installed on our smartphones. How do you add a new keyboard input language in Windows Phone 8.1? Let's find out in this tutorial.

7 Ways To Run Programs As Administrator In Windows

programs, administratorAll of Microsoft's operating systems, from Windows Vista onward, include UAC or User Account Control which is a feature that prevents apps and malware from making unauthorized changes to your computer. Still, there are times when some programs require administrator permissions in order to work properly or to run specific commands. Some users prefer to disable UAC entirely, but this is not a very good idea because you lose the ability to run Modern applications in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The great thing about the Windows ecosystem is that it offers the opportunity for you to run programs as administrator without needing to disable anything. These are the 7 methods we managed to find and if you know others, you are welcome to share.

Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 19 - 25 July 2015

This week Microsoft has released its financial results for the latest quarter and there are quite a few losses that they had to write down. They also continued with their restructuring and Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President in charge of Surface, is taking on a bigger role as the head of engineering for all Microsoft premium devices. This is quite an important change as Panay has a very good track record with Surface devices. Last but not least, lots of new information has been released about Windows 10. We have new ads, new features, new changes, the works. Read this week's recap to stay in touch with what's new in Microsoft's consumer ecosystem:

Tech Lolz: A Girl's Short Journey Through Windows 10

Tech LolzThis week we are having a different kind of article in the Tech Lolz section. Not because the Internet is suddenly void of people asking how to fix their printer with a seppuku sword, but because I have recently gone through a beautiful journey. The journey of admitting I am pretty bad with technology, despite the fact that I currently specialize in a very tech-related field, that of usability.

Reviewing The ASUS ROG GX860 Buzzard Mouse & The GM50 Mousepad

ASUS ROG BuzzardAs some of you surely know, June was an important month in the IT&C industry, since Computex took place in Taipei. Our friends at ASUS were also there, announcing some great new products. An interesting pair of products comes from the Republic Of Gamers (ROG) product line, namely the ASUS ROG GX860 Buzzard laser gaming mouse and the ASUS ROG GM50 mousepad. We tested them for a while and we now invite you to read our full review to learn more about these new products: