How To Log Your Food Intake With MyFitnessPal - Sharing The Basics

FoodDo you want to lose weight? Want to learn more about your body? Do you have to count your carbs because you are managing a chronic disease like diabetes? Want to make sure you are eating macronutrients in the correct ratios? Food logging solves all these and even more. I know this because I have been doing food logging for almost a year. In this article, I am going to share how anyone can log their food using a popular, free, mobile application named MyFitnessPal, which works on all major mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Best of the Web for Windows Users - 18 - 24 January 2015

This week was very busy for Microsoft and filled with exciting announcements: a new preview version of Windows 10, more details about upcoming features of this operating system, exciting new devices like Microsoft HoloLens, good news about the upcoming version of Office and more. Don't hesitate to read this week's recap. There's lots of great stuff to read and learn about.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android - What Can It Do For You?

BitdefenderAs Android users, you probably know that there are a lot of security risks you may encounter while using this platform. Whether you download apps from the Play Store or you sideload them from other sources that are more or less trustworthy, it is very important that you have a security solution installed on your smartphone or tablet. A good solution also provides protection for your privacy and anti-theft features. Bitdefender asked us to take a look at their security product - Bitdefender Mobile Security - and give you a complete overview of what it has to offer. Let's get started:

How To Change The Display Language Used By Windows Essentials

display languageWhile working with the applications included in the Windows Essentials package, I discovered that there are no options to change the display language in their configuration menus. That's when I started to ask myself: how can this be achieved without having to uninstall the applications and reinstall them in a different language? To my surprise, making this change is actually not that hard - you simply need to search for a hidden language selector application that's installed with this suite. This tutorial will explain how this works.

Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Review

CM Storm QuickFire UltimateCooler Master's CM Storm brand is no stranger to the gaming world. The product line includes a lot of gaming peripherals varying from keyboards to gaming mice, computer cases, headphones and mouse pads. Today we're taking a look at the most "potent and complete mechanical gaming keyboard in the QuickFire line", to quote Cooler Master themselves. A very sturdy, sober and somewhat elegant keyboard that doesn't go out of its way to impress with tens of extra keys, but sticks to the essential typing experience. Let's dive in and see what the QuickFire Ultimate has to offer:

What's The Difference Between Food Logging And Calorie Counting?

FoodEveryone who has lost weight (or tried to) has done calorie counting at least once. We all know how frustrating that can be, especially when it doesn't seem to make any sense. The problem is that nobody tells you how to count calories correctly, so that you can confirm that you are eating too much, or eating the wrong things. Also, nobody tells you how to get to a lower number of calories, and still stay reasonably within your comfort zone. In this article, I'm going to describe the difference between classical calorie counting and food logging. Food logging is a novel concept that I am using in my Programmer Fitness project. It consists of trying to record what you eat accurately, by spending at most 10 minutes per day while doing it, and focusing on other metrics rather than on calories.

Simple Questions: What Is The WinX Menu & How To Access It?

WinXBecause Microsoft decided to remove the Start button and the Start Menu in Windows 8, they have created a hidden replacement for what once was the Start Menu. Since then, they have reintroduced the Start button in Windows 8.1 and they will reintroduce the Start Menu in Windows 10. But, this hidden replacement - the WinX menu is still there. Let's see what this menu is, how it can be useful to you and how to access it in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Best of the Web for Windows Users - 11 - 17 January 2015

In this week's roundup we share news about Windows 10 and the consumer preview event that is going to take place next week. Also, Microsoft has announced new smartphones with Windows Phone at prices that are lower than ever and Samsung has declared its interest in building new smartphones with this operating system. Learn more about these events as well as other interesting news, from our recap.

Introducing Windows 8.1: How To Use The File Menu In File Explorer

File ExplorerIn Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, File Explorer has been given a major overhaul in the form of the ribbon interface. This new design brings all of the tools that were previously buried in the menus of the previous Windows Explorer from Windows 7, and puts them out in the open, organized and easy to find. Upon exploring this new interface, you'll find the only menu to survive the cut is the File menu, though you'll also find that it looks nothing like it used to. It turns out that this menu is very useful and includes lots of tools that you will want to use. Here's how it works:

How To Use Command Prompt To Fix Issues With Your PC's Boot Records

Command PromptYou can use system recovery tools to fix most of your computer problems. However, there are times when you'll need to address such issues in a manual way like, for example, when your computer won't boot. In these cases, you can use a tool named Bootrec.exe. It can help you troubleshoot and repair things like the master boot record (MBR), the boot sector or the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store. Here's how it works:

Reviewing The ASUS Strix Pro - A Well Balanced Gaming Headset

ASUS Strix ProAfter having tested the ASUS Strix Claw mouse and the Strix Tactic Pro keyboard, it is time to test and review the ASUS Strix Pro gaming headset. This is one of the most imposing looking headsets that we have seen, with a unique design and quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Let's learn more about this headset and see how well it performs: