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Simple Questions: What is the Workgroup & How to Change it in Windows?

workgroupComputers on a network can be part of a workgroup or a domain. The difference between them is how resources are managed on the network. While domains are fit for enterprise networks, home networks and small business networks can work very well using a workgroup. In this article we will explain what is a workgroup, what's different about it when compared to a network domain, how to access the workgroup setting and how to change the workgroup, both in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

How to Connect to Wireless Networks in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

wirelessWindows 8 and 8.1 provide a simple interface for connecting to wireless networks. The procedure varies depending on whether or not the network broadcasts its name (also known as SSID - Service Set Identifier). If the name is broadcast, connecting to the network is as simple as entering a password. But enough talk, let's see how it works:

How to Turn Your Windows 8.1 Device Into a WiFi Access Point

wirelessPrevious editions of Windows allowed users to create ad hoc wireless connections between computers. You could use those connections to create a wireless network between multiple computers or to share the Internet connection that was available on one of them. This can no longer be done in Windows 8.1, at least not using a visual interface and the mouse. However, with the help of the Command Prompt and a few commands, you too can turn your Windows 8.1 laptop or hybrid device into a WiFi access point. Here's how:

Tech Lolz: If I install Windows 32-bit Twice, Will I Get Windows 64-bit?

WindowsIf I were to be a tech stand-up comedian, I would start my shows with this particular joke. Of course, the public needs to be just a tad technical in order to understand how hilarious this dilemma is but even if you don't get it, don't worry - we'll explain it to you. It is the same as if you have a 100 HP car and you buy another 100 HP car so that you can have a 200 HP car. Sorry, but Math and common sense do not work like that, at least not in this scenario.

8 Unique Start Screen Designs That You Can Create Only in Windows Phone

Start screenOne of the most innovative aspects of Windows Phone is the Start screen and the fact that you can easily create your own, unique Start screen. If you look on smartphones with Android and iOS, they tend to look very similar and most users don't even bother to customize the way shortcuts and widgets are displayed. In Windows Phone, if you spend a bit of time to customize the Start screen, you can create some amazing designs that really stand out. To inspire you to create your own designs, we have published this collection of 8 designs. Check it out and share your own designs in the comments.

Reviewing the ASUS RT-AC68U Router - Possibly the Fastest Router You Will Ever Use

If you search the web for information about the ASUS RT-AC68U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1900 router, you will encounter statements like: "The world's fastest router" or "A cutting-edge Wi-Fi router that has it all". Reading such big words leads to having very high expectations. I managed to get my hands on this router for a couple of weeks and after using it on a daily basis in my home network, I am ready to share my conclusions. Is this the world's fastest router? Let's find out:

Introducing Windows 8.1: What are Smart Files in OneDrive?

OneDriveWindows 8.1 adds many changes and new features to the world of Windows 8. Some of the most important changes were made to OneDrive and the way it works. OneDrive in Windows 8.1 uses a technology named Smart Files, that helps users save precious disk space while providing access to all their files. In this tutorial, I will share what Smart Files is and how it works in Windows 8.1.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Taking screenshots in Windows Phone has been problematic, at least until the release of Windows Phone 8. Now this task can be done with ease, by pressing two buttons on your phone. Also, Windows Phone 8.1 has changed the procedure for taking screenshots, which may confuse users. To learn how to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, read this quick tutorial.

How to Delete or Forget Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 8.1

wirelessAs soon as I installed Windows 8.1 on my laptop, I noticed a pretty big annoyance: the absence of the "Forget this network" option in the Networks pane. I was left with no intuitive way of removing wireless networks that no longer worked because their password has been changed. How do you get around this problem and remove wireless networks in Windows 8.1? Let's find out in this tutorial.

Does ReadyBoost Work? Does It Improve Performance for Slower PCs?

ReadyBoostThe theory behind ReadyBoost is that it helps speed up older computers with low amounts of RAM memory. However, nobody knows how much of an impact this technology has, so we decided to make our own measurements and learn whether ReadyBoost has a positive impact or not. Read on to learn what we have found:

35 Keyboard Shortcuts That Increase Your Productivity in Windows 8.1

keyboardWhile using Windows 8.1's new interface in a traditional way might require some time to accommodate, the tasks of navigating through the operating system and its new apps can be simplified by using the keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft has made available. The shortcuts shared in this article were chosen by us while thinking what apps or settings you might access or use on a regular basis. They are simple enough to be easily grasped by anyone and they will help you be more productive in your daily tasks.