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Best of the Web for Windows Users – 3 - 9 August 2014

This week was a bit quiet in terms of news about Microsoft and their consumer ecosystem. However, there were a few interesting announcements and rumors that you will want to know more about. For example, you can learn what to expect from this month's major update for Windows 8.1 and from the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 release. Read this week's recap to learn more.

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 20 - 26 July 2014

This week Microsoft has announced their latest financial results which, unfortunately, were negatively impacted by the Nokia acquisition. It also announced a new Vice President for its Consumer Channels Group, a move which will hopefully have a positive impact on their sales and marketing activities with OEMs, operators and retail partners. New Microsoft stores will be opened across US and Canada and Windows Phone will enjoy new smartphones being launched as well as exciting new apps like the VLC Player. For all this and more, read this week's roundup of news about Microsoft's consumer ecosystem.

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 6 - 12 July 2014

This week was all about Satya Nadella's letter that kicked off Microsoft's 2015 financial year. Satya tried to communicate Microsoft's future direction and hint at some of the changes that are on the horizon for Microsoft and its employees. Another big news was the launch of the new Lumia 930 - a Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone which we will be testing very soon for our readers. To learn more about these subjects and other interesting news, read this week's recap.

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 29th of June - 5th of July 2014

This week we have learned new details about Microsoft's upcoming version of Windows and about their first product in the wearables space. It turns out that they won't be making a smartwatch but something else. We also have leaked pictures of an upcoming Lumia device and other interesting news. What are you waiting for? Read this week's recap.

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 22 - 28 June 2014

This week's news was dominated by Microsoft's new and aggressive OneDrive pricing. It has announced more free space, more competitive prices and a lot more storage space for its Office 365 subscribers. Also, Windows Phone has enjoyed new smartphones being launched and new high-profile apps being made available. Xbox users also received good news regarding upcoming updates to To learn more about this and more, read this week's roundup.