the Best of the Web for Windows 7 Users - September 2011

If there’s one thing which dominated the month of September, it's Microsoft and the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Everybody buzzed about it: from news websites to tutorial makers, including us. Therefore, this month’s episode includes goodies both about Windows 7 and Windows 8. Check them out!

Best of the Web

As you can expect, we have lots of recommendations about Windows, both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Here’s what we recommend:

BatteryInfoView is a Neat Laptop Battery Information and Status Display Tool - One thing I miss having on my Windows 7 laptop is a tool which gives me complete info about my battery. You can imagine how happy I was when our friends from Guiding Tech have discovered a free tool which shows such info, in a detailed manner. It is called BatteryInfoView and you can use it for free.

How To Extend Task Bar Across Multiple Monitors in Windows 7 - The folks from Windows 7 Hacker have covered a free open source tool, which allows you to extend the Windows 7 taskbar across monitors. It is called Dual Monitor Taskbar.

Build 2011: What Have We Learned This Week? - If you want a good summary of the novelties presented by Microsoft about Windows 8, you should read this overview from ReadWriteWeb. It is pretty complete and very well written.

Windows 8: Through the Eyes of Consumers - This is a great infographic which summarizes the overall feedback received around the web, about the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Definitely insightful!

If You Already Hate Windows 8 Then You Hate Technology - Speaking of feedback, some people already say that Windows 8 will suck, even if all they’ve seen is a video demo or just some screenshots. Mat Honan from Gizmodo has published a rant which explains why such people are simply superficial “tech haters”, not seeing the big picture of things. He explains the reasons why Windows 8 is a promising competitor and why people should give Microsoft a break and wait for the final version to show up.

BitDefender Protects Your Twitter Account With Safego - If you've been reading us for some time, you know that we like to talk and teach about security. BitDefender has launched a free tool to keep Twitter users safe. Check out this piece of news, to find more details about it and how it works.

Taking a stand: my experience working at an elevating desk - Have you considered switching from a normal desk to an elevating desk? I did the switch earlier this year and I’m really happy with my choice. If you want to know the pros and cons of using such a setup, read this thorough article from Ars Technica.

Best of 7 Tutorials

The month of September was clearly dominated by Windows 8, even here on 7 Tutorials, where our first tutorial on Windows 8 received the most traffic out of all articles we published this month:

How to Make a Clean Installation of Windows 8 - This is a plain and simple installation guide. It is useful when you want to install Windows 8 inside a virtual machine or directly on your computer, as your main operating system. One thing to remember - Windows 8 is not final, it is only a developer preview - meaning that it is still in heavy development.

How To Customize Mouse Cursors in Windows 7 - We knew this would become a popular tutorial but we did not expect this much interest. If you want to know everything about customizing mouse cursors in Windows 7, check it out.

Fix Troublesome Wireless Connections by Removing their Profile - Wireless network connections are a big topic here on 7 Tutorials. This tutorial is one more useful guide to help you solve problems.

If you would like to recommend other useful articles, don’t hesitate to use the comments form below.