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Help Us Pick a Good Name for One of Our Future Projects

surveyWe are currently in the planning stage for an upcoming project. We cannot reveal any specifics at this time but we need your help to find a good name for it. Obviously, it is going to be about technology and you will be the first to learn more about it when we have more details to reveal. But, until that moment, let us know which name you like best. Your help will be very much appreciated.

Tech Lolz: How to avoid being tech-support for your family?

tech supportI'm not saying that tech support is a bad job. I have been doing it for years and it is a pretty funny and rewarding job. However, when you become tech-support for your family, well, then all hell breaks loose. Remember that uncle who was calling you? "Hey JD, I was the millionth user on a website and won something but I can't see what since my computer won't do anything now!". We've all been there! But is there anything that we can do to avoid this situation in the future? Well, now I'm just wishful-thinking. Is there any way to have this situation occur less and less in the future? Yes, there is, and I and other people will be sharing some tips.

Google Chrome 64-bit - Is It Better Than The 32-bit Version?

Google ChromeA few weeks ago, Google released the 64-bit version of the popular Chrome browser and promised increased stability, security, and speed. We were curious to learn how many of these promises are true, and share what you gain and lose when using the 64-bit version of this browser. We have used this browser for a couple of days and ran several benchmarks. Here's what you get when using the 64-bit version of Google Chrome instead of the 32-bit version.

Tech Lolz: Why does Windows' alphabet start with "C"?

drivesIf you are born starting with the late 90s, you are aware that the drives on your computer start with C and go up the alphabet, depending on how many USB memory sticks and external hard drives you plug in. Have you ever wondered what happened to the letters A and B? Some people say that you are old if you know the answer to this question. Well, I call it experience and I am going to tell you, briefly, the story of A and B and the drives on your computer.

Tech Lolz: Cats Taking Over the World, But Not My Keyboard!

keyboardFor those of you who are blessed enough to own a feline, you are well-aware of their intent to make you as uncomfortable as possible in your daily routines. Needless to say that because of their cuteness, you tend to allow their mischievous behavior and worse, get used to it. Well, my fellow friends, it is time we take back what is ours. It's going to be a long process, and, most likely, we will not win, but God-damn-it, I will not stand here with my arms crossed, while my cat makes a mess out of this articleksjdngffklrddgjy634567uh. Point taken, cat!

Tech Lolz: Is This a Keyboard or a Toaster? Or Maybe Both?

hardwareHello there! You all know the classic question: "to be or not to be?". Adapting it to our modern times, we could transform it into: "to buy or not to buy?". I'm sure that all of us have lived that moment when we could afford either object A or object B but not both. So we were in the difficult situation of choosing between them. Now, if any of you are like me or like Sheldon (remember the Big Bang Theory?), this task is nearly impossible. But, luckily for us, Microsoft has thought of everything: from operating systems to toasters. Yes, you read right. I said toasters. And this brings me to today's topic. Sit back and enjoy, it's gonna be a fun ride! :)