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Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 26 July - 1 August 2015

This week Microsoft has launched Windows 10 and absolutely everyone has covered this product launch, including us. In this week's recap we have some down-to-earth reviews, analysis and opinions for you to read about this new operating system. Also, we have some news about Windows 10 Mobile and Mozilla's opinion about Windows 10. There's plenty of interesting stuff for you to read, so let's get started:

Tech Lolz: Dear Stalkers. Sorry. Dear, Facebook Users

Tech LolzBecause all I could hear in the past three days was Windows 10 all over the place, I decided I went to my usual source of fun, Yahoo! Answers and see what other preoccupations people might have. After a very long scroll in the Tech section, I realized the world is definitely a creepy place. Full of creepy people and people who are afraid of creepy people. Let's see what people obsess about when they are using Facebook:

Where To Buy Windows 10? Which Version Should You Buy?

Windows 10If you are interested in Windows 10, you will want to know how to get Windows 10. Can you get it for free? How? If you can't, then where can you buy Windows 10 and how much will it cost you? Also, which edition of Windows 10 should you buy? The answers to these questions are not that obvious and you will need to do a bit of research in order to answer them. We decided to make things simpler for you and do the research for you, so don't hesitate to read this article:

Top 11 Things We Don't Like About Windows 10

Windows 10, badWhile Windows 10 comes with lots of new features and improvements, there are also some things we don't like about it. We're not trying to be perfectionists here but there are a couple of things that Microsoft could change or improve. Some of our complaints are small while others are quite significant. If you are curious to learn what we don't like about Windows 10, don't hesitate to read this article:

Top 12 Lesser Known Features & Improvements In Windows 10

Windows 10, less known featuresWindows 10 is ready for launch and many tech publications have covered it in their articles. However, everybody talks only about its biggest new features. As is always the case with operating systems, there are many small things that are new to Windows 10 and most people have never heard about them. We tested Windows 10 during its development cycle and we know many of these small new features. We decided to share them with you in this article:

Top 12 Most Exciting New Features Of Windows 10

Windows 10, best featuresWindows 10 is said to be the best Windows so far and that means it has to meet plenty of high expectations. Luckily, Windows 10 brings some really neat and interesting new features: starting with a completely redesigned Start Menu and continuing with a better Desktop experience, to Cortana (a witty personal digital assistant), to Microsoft Edge (the most modern web browser built by Microsoft in recent years). It's no surprise to us that Windows 10 got everybody excited, at least in the tech scene. In this article we are going to share some of the best new features that you'll find in Windows 10. Let's get started:

Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 19 - 25 July 2015

This week Microsoft has released its financial results for the latest quarter and there are quite a few losses that they had to write down. They also continued with their restructuring and Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President in charge of Surface, is taking on a bigger role as the head of engineering for all Microsoft premium devices. This is quite an important change as Panay has a very good track record with Surface devices. Last but not least, lots of new information has been released about Windows 10. We have new ads, new features, new changes, the works. Read this week's recap to stay in touch with what's new in Microsoft's consumer ecosystem:

Tech Lolz: A Girl's Short Journey Through Windows 10

Tech LolzThis week we are having a different kind of article in the Tech Lolz section. Not because the Internet is suddenly void of people asking how to fix their printer with a seppuku sword, but because I have recently gone through a beautiful journey. The journey of admitting I am pretty bad with technology, despite the fact that I currently specialize in a very tech-related field, that of usability.

Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 12 - 18 July 2015

Another week has passed and it's now time for us to share the latest news from Microsoft's universe. The last seven days have been filled with novelties, announcements and rumors: we saw Windows 10 being released to manufacturing, Windows Insiders also got the latest 10240 build, we found out how Microsoft intends to "democratize big data" with the help of Cortana, we witnessed the exit from preview of Office mobile apps and the list goes on. Read our week's recap to get a better idea of everything new in Microsoft's ecosystem, and more.

Tech Lolz: Windows 10, They Don't Deserve You

Tech LolzWould you look at that, it's Friday again. Which means we are 12 days away from the Windows 10 launch and, personally, I am 5 hours away from getting wasted with my friends over our weekly anonymous alcoholics. Which is a gathering just like AA, the difference being the only thing shaming us for how much we drink is our wallet. Since we are at the shaming part, we all have that one friend who is way smarter with computers than we are. And while you'd expect him to be helpful and tell you how to do stuff, because you are also trying to help him in fields where he ain't that great, like being his wingman or shopping with him for stuff, he always, but always gives you that look of: did you just ask that? Like you seriously do not know that? How are we friends? Which is exactly what we will do today with humans. And, well, what we generally do in Tech Lolz. But don't do this in real life. You are bad people if you do that.

Tech Lolz: He Who Shall Be Named The Unique Explorer

Tech LolzGood afternoon, my fellow Tutorians and welcome to the weekly article written by the least tech savvy person of the team. (Seriously, I think they keep me here because I can cook and in case of an Apocalypse, I'll be able to feed the whole crew.) This Friday we will meet two people, but I must admit from the beginning, one of them is truly a fascinating character.