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A Geek's Quest To Quitting Coffee - How I Managed To Pull It Off

coffeeHave you ever found yourself getting through a day with excruciating headaches and then remembering that you forgot to drink coffee? You're not the only one. There is a very large number of people trying to quit coffee. A simple Google search yields a comparable number of results for "quit coffee", "quit alcohol" and "quit drugs". Impressive, right? Yet, nobody really pays attention to this one that much. And while the other 2 habits are blamed by society, coffee is actually endorsed. That's why, in this article I am going to describe how I ended up deciding to quit drinking coffee, my method for doing it and the impact it had on my sleep and energy levels. Being a quantified self geek with over 9 months of detailed data about myself, I am able to correlate a number of vital signs to the experiments that I do on myself. Let's get started:

Best of the Web for Windows Users - 7 - 13 December 2014

This week we have received news of Windows 8.1 supporting natively the MKV file format for movies, Microsoft starting its Bing integration with Office in new and useful ways, as well as Xbox One finally outselling PS4. To learn more details about these events as well as other interesting news, check this week's roundup:

Real-Life Strategies For Logging Your Food Intake

journalIn a previous article I have discussed about the benefits and pitfalls of logging your food and the conclusion was that there is ample reason for one to log the food intake. Especially when we want to lose some weight or to maintain that lost weight. But how do you actually log your food? To help you, I would like to share my experience on this topic and discuss several strategies for logging your food intake

Best of the Web for Windows Users - 30 November - 6 December 2014

This week we have learned new details about the Windows 10 release schedule, directly from Microsoft. Also, new features were demonstrated, including an early Cortana build for Windows 10. Windows Phone made some headlines as well, with new apps being made available and new companies opting to use this platform for their employees. Read this week's recap to learn more about what happened in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Tech Lolz: How Can I Restrain Myself When I Have No Willpower?

parental controlsI am pretty sure that I am not the only one who sometimes lacks the willpower to pull myself from something I enjoy in order to do something else that I don't necessarily enjoy as much but I should be doing anyway. Like work! :) Let's take as an example our high school or college years. How many other things you would have done instead of studying for that stupid exam tomorrow? I'm sure that you would rather clean the room, take out the trash, buy tomatoes from the market and what not. So, how can technology help you in this matter? Let's find out in today's Tech Lolz episode from a user who wanted to restrain himself from playing too much Starcraft.

The Benefits & Pitfalls Of Logging Your Food Intake

journalI'm surprised at how little concern we have for what we are putting into our mouths compared to other activities. It's one of the most important decisions that we make daily, that can influence everything: from our mood and energy levels to long term health, both mentally and physically. And yet most of us tend to rely on hearsay and "stuff we read online" or patterns that we have observed in other successful people, instead of getting hard data about what works and what doesn't. Because there is no silver bullet that works for everyone. We choose our loans based on numbers. We choose our rent, the products in our supermarket basket, our car, our vacations and our plane tickets. Yet, we fail to apply the same principles to food. Moreover, food takes up a significant chunk of our day: from buying the ingredients, preparing it (or ordering it) to eating it.
In this article, I'm going to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of logging your food. I've been doing this for 9 months, with awesome results: 23 kg lost (50 lbs) and a diet that suits my lifestyle better with much higher energy levels. While it might turn out to be a challenging journey, you can draw conclusions from my own example about the rewards.

Best of the Web for Windows Users - 23 - 29 November 2014

This week was slower in terms of news, Thanksgiving and all. However, we did learn some interesting bits of information, like the fact that in January, Microsoft will announce their consumer features for Windows 10 and that Xbox One is literally indestructible. We also have some interesting tutorials and how-to article to recommend so don't hesitate to read our recap.

Tech Lolz: Why Do Modems Make Those Annoying Noises?

devicesIn my childhood, there was this noise that would usually mean fun time: tiktiktiktiktiktikghtiiiughhhhutiiiiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiitiiiiiiichraaauachraaaaua…. If you have recognized the sound, then you are old. If not, either you are too young, either my description of the sound is terribly wrong. I would go for the second option though. It's the sound of the Internet, it's the sound of freedom, it's the sound of war! It's the sound of the MODEM device connecting you to the Internet. Want to find out what it meant and where it came from? Read today's Tech Lolz episode.

Best of the Web for Windows Users - 16 - 22 November 2014

This week was quieter than the previous one but even so, some interesting things did happen. For example, Microsoft has announced that they will change the kernel version starting with Windows 10, which is a very bold step. They also announced a new firmware update for Surface Pro 3 and the release schedule for the Lumia Denim firmware update that's coming to Nokia Lumia smartphones. Bing has also received a few welcome changes while Xbox One has enjoyed some very good sales in the UK. Read this week's recap to learn more about what happened in Microsoft's ecosystem.

Tech Lolz: How To Destroy A USB Flash Drive In 10 Steps

usbUnfortunately, you won’t hear a USB flash drive saying "This flash drive will self-destruct in 3… 2… 1" using the voice of Inspector Gadget. Nor will it just explode like the Howler in Harry Potter. It would take quite some creativity and a tiny bit of fairy dust to get them to do so. Or just a lot of engineering. However, there are people who would like this feature on their USB flash drives. Why is no one thinking about them? Well, I am. And, in consequence, will try and create a list with the top 10 ways of completely destroying your flash drive. Stay tuned!

Tech Lolz: Reset the time on your computer when you have gone too far

timeTime is a relative thing. I feel just like Morgan Freeman when I say that. Just without the epic voice. It is one of the most essential parts of our lives, isn't it? We are guided each day by time and its different measures: minutes, hours, years and so on. But what if you went into the future and everything turned wrong? You would want to get back to the present and fix it, right? Well, this is what this week's episode is all about. No, we are not talking about time-travel. Read this Tech Lolz episode and find out.