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Best Of The Web For Windows Users - May 17 - May 24 2015

Seven days have passed since our last news roundup and it’s time to see what the headlines of this week are in Microsoft’s ecosystem. Read this recap to find more about the latest build of Windows 10 Preview for PCs, the rolling out of the Office apps for Android or the soon to be released OneClip and Revolve apps from Microsoft:

Tech Lolz: Jesus Will Save You, But Won't Save Your Files

backupIt is not uncommon to find trolls on forums and on FAQ sections. Today we found one who really made us laugh and we decided to share his fabulous question with you, and also the answers that followed.. But before we go deeper and dive into the topic itself, Sir, do you have a minute to talk about the last time you did a decent back-up to your files? What would Jesus do?

Tech Lolz: Antiviruses Or, Would You Sleep With Someone You Don't Know, Without A Condom?

antivirusSome people from the Internet are like virgins before the prom: completely oblivious. I am not even going to make a huge introduction here, as I usually do to hype the mood. I will simply get straight to this week's point: some dude asked why do we use antivirus software. Let's get started and have a laugh while answering this question.

Tech Lolz: If Only We Could Download More Brain. Sorry, I Meant RAM

RAMMy dear Internet friends, we have found the end of a species. I am very happy to share this discovery with you and I am now sitting relaxed in my armchair waiting for some evolutionists to call me and offer me money. I managed to find the last individual who climbed down the tree and decided to be a human. And he's searching for RAM. Don't hesitate to open this episode of Tech Lolz and have a good laugh with me:

Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 26th of April - 2nd of May 2015

During this quite busy week for Microsoft, we learned what the future holds for the Internet of Things(IoT) from Microsoft's point of view, we've seen a new Windows 10 preview build, learned the official name of Project Spartan and more! Read this full recap to get up to speed with the most important news from within Microsoft's ecosystem:

Tech Lolz: The Unbearable Lightness Of Self-Confidence Or "Ma, I'm On YouTube!"

YouTubeThere was a joke when I was I kid that sounded something like this: "A mother is sitting on a bench in front of her apartment building, her 10 years old son is on his bike circling the building. After a couple of rounds, he starts getting brave and shouts to his mom: Look, ma, I'm driving with just one hand! He circles the building again and gets even braver: Look, ma, no hands! After one more circle he stops and tells his mom: Look, ma, no teeth!". Which is a lovely story about how you would break your bones or teeth by playing outside when you were a kid, which is mainly what happens today as well, just that now it is all uploaded on YouTube.

Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 19 - 25 April 2015

This week Microsoft has released a new test build for Windows 10 and their latest financial results. It turns out that, even though some products did very well, their revenue has decreased. Also, They have announced that Office downloads for iOS and Android have reached 100 million, which is amazing. To learn more details about these events, as well as other interesting news, read this week's recap.

Tech Lolz – Sometimes We Thinks And We Types, Sometimes We Just Types

questionRemember how there was that time when someone asked a question so mind numbing that your brain actually needed resuscitation before it produced signals again? Those moments are easily recognizable if you mumble phrases like "what the... I can't even... Did you just… whaa?". If you haven't, have no fear, Captain Lolz is here to save the day with an impressive selection of questions publicly asked on Internet forums. It is so refined, we actually thought of calling it The Logic Book of Miley Cyrus' Fans.