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Tech Lolz: Why does Windows' alphabet start with "C"?

drivesIf you are born starting with the late 90s, you are aware that the drives on your computer start with C and go up the alphabet, depending on how many USB memory sticks and external hard drives you plug in. Have you ever wondered what happened to the letters A and B? Some people say that you are old if you know the answer to this question. Well, I call it experience and I am going to tell you, briefly, the story of A and B and the drives on your computer.

Tech Lolz: Cats Taking Over the World, But Not My Keyboard!

keyboardFor those of you who are blessed enough to own a feline, you are well-aware of their intent to make you as uncomfortable as possible in your daily routines. Needless to say that because of their cuteness, you tend to allow their mischievous behavior and worse, get used to it. Well, my fellow friends, it is time we take back what is ours. It's going to be a long process, and, most likely, we will not win, but God-damn-it, I will not stand here with my arms crossed, while my cat makes a mess out of this articleksjdngffklrddgjy634567uh. Point taken, cat!

Tech Lolz: Is This a Keyboard or a Toaster? Or Maybe Both?

hardwareHello there! You all know the classic question: "to be or not to be?". Adapting it to our modern times, we could transform it into: "to buy or not to buy?". I'm sure that all of us have lived that moment when we could afford either object A or object B but not both. So we were in the difficult situation of choosing between them. Now, if any of you are like me or like Sheldon (remember the Big Bang Theory?), this task is nearly impossible. But, luckily for us, Microsoft has thought of everything: from operating systems to toasters. Yes, you read right. I said toasters. And this brings me to today's topic. Sit back and enjoy, it's gonna be a fun ride! :)

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 3 - 9 August 2014

This week was a bit quiet in terms of news about Microsoft and their consumer ecosystem. However, there were a few interesting announcements and rumors that you will want to know more about. For example, you can learn what to expect from this month's major update for Windows 8.1 and from the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 release. Read this week's recap to learn more.

Tech Lolz: Turning Your Laptop Into a Bomb Through Endless Charging

battery modeHey there dearest guys and gals. Are you on a laptop? Is it plugged in as you work on it? Oh my, you may be in some serious trouble. Oh, it's a desktop? Nevermind then. The fact that I am still writing these articles week after week only suggests that the material out there is getting easier and easier to find. For today's issue we will tackle battery charging situations, mainly one particular situation which I grew very fond of this week.

Tech Lolz: Drivers - the cause & the solution to all computer problems

system driversWell, it's pretty obvious from the title what I would like to address for this week's episode. Drivers! And not the kind behind a steering wheel, but computer drivers. Sometimes they are just as nasty. :) With drivers things are generally simple - installing a driver can only go in 2 simple directions: right or very wrong. In this episode of Tech Lolz we have discovered a user who has done everything wrong when it comes to drivers. So let's take a look at what he did, have a laugh and learn from his mistakes.

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 20 - 26 July 2014

This week Microsoft has announced their latest financial results which, unfortunately, were negatively impacted by the Nokia acquisition. It also announced a new Vice President for its Consumer Channels Group, a move which will hopefully have a positive impact on their sales and marketing activities with OEMs, operators and retail partners. New Microsoft stores will be opened across US and Canada and Windows Phone will enjoy new smartphones being launched as well as exciting new apps like the VLC Player. For all this and more, read this week's roundup of news about Microsoft's consumer ecosystem.

Tech Lolz: Will My Laptop Get Heavier If I Store More Files On It?

FilesGuys and gals, after all this time I have spent on forums, reading all kinds of crazy discussion, I have been amazed one more time. Never have I read such foolishness in a forum thread in my life. It's obvious that seconds later I was in tears of laughter, but re-reading the question just makes me ask myself about where we are heading as humanity evolves. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you this discussion so that we can all enjoy some good laughs together. This week's episode is not that much about teaching you something, it is more about bonding over laughter.