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Tech Lolz: Washing Your Belongings, Both Non-Digital And Digital

washing gadgetsIn my life I have washed many things and I don't want to hear even one misogynistic joke about that. :) However, never have I managed to just wash what I initially intended to. It's because I never check the pockets for stuff. I find that as the most useless thing to do, especially in our country. Romanian money is made of plastic, so mainly it will do it good, condoms are rubber and are also wrapped up, napkins… well who has used napkins in their pocket? So yes, for these small reasons, I never check the pockets of my clothes before washing them. And I regret nothing. However, I'm not sure how I would react in the case of this week's episode. Let's see what this is all about:

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 12 - 18 October 2014

This week Microsoft has revealed that it already has 1 million people testing the Windows 10 Technical Preview and the top 10 most requested features so far. Also, they have released a new version of Skype for iPhone and a new app that's based on the Skype backbone - Skype Qik. Learn about this news and more from this week's recap of the most important news in Microsoft's consumer ecosystem.

Tech Lolz: The Spooky Story Of The Year Or The Ghost Of Icons Past

iconsSome of you might not relate to this article and I am completely fine with that. You are better off. This article is mainly focused on those people who still use Windows Vista and possibly Windows XP since they are the ones that just won't move on to something better. Let me tell you something about Windows Vista: if Bill Gates had a dime for every time Windows Vista crashed, he'd be a… Oh wait, he is! Point taken! Getting back to this article: it is about rituals of exorcism for Windows Vista and Windows XP. Or maybe not. :) If you are faint of heart, just stop here!

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 5 - 11 October 2014

This week as quieter than the previous one. Now that the Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for anyone who wants to give it a try, most people commented about what's new and what will be different in the Windows ecosystem, after Windows 10 is launched. In addition to this interesting commentary there were some news about updates for Skype, OneDrive and future accessory support for Surface Pro 3. Learn more from this week's recap:

Tech Lolz: How To Safely Remove Stickers From A PC?

cleanup computerI don't know about you, but each time I get my hands on a sticker, I have the compulsive need to use it on one of my devices. The fact that it has the most useless information on it has really no effect on me. For this reason, my tablet has a Pizza Hut sticker on it, my computer has some really threatening stickers on it and so on and so forth. However, I sometimes do feel weird taking them out in public with the stickers on. You might feel like it is your dirty little secret and wouldn't want people getting offended by your OCD. So, if you've gotten to that moment when junk food doesn't appeal to you that much since you want to be healthier, however you still eat it when no one knows, this is the article for you. Well, in case you want to get rid of the stickers because you are a grownup. If not, this article has nothing to do with you! Don't read it! I do NOT provide health care advice.

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 28 September - October 4 2014

The most important events in this week circled around Microsoft’s big announcement of Windows 10. Microsoft released a Technical Preview of this next version of Windows. It’s not done yet, but it will provide a good idea on where Windows is heading as a platform. Microsoft is now one step away from fulfilling their grand plan: creating one platform for PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox consoles and other devices.

Tech Lolz: Suck Or Blow? What Do You Prefer?

questionIt is said that you capture your audience in the first two sentences of your article. Even though this might drive away most people, please note that this article is not about your sexual preferences. :) If you were searching for something completely different and Google didn't do its job well, you are in for a disappointment and should start using a better search engine. :) In this episode of Tech Lolz we're only debating wheather sucking or blowing the dust out of your computer makes a difference and which method is best when cleaning up the hardware components of your computer.

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 21 - 27 September 2014

This week has been rather quiet, with a smaller amout of exciting news. The most important news doesn’t even come from Microsoft directly but from Samsung: they have decided to discontinue their laptop sales in Europe. Also, some new apps and updates are now available for Windows Phone users. To learn what happened this week in Microsoft’s consumer ecosystem, don’t hesitate to read our recap:

Help Us Pick a Good Name for One of Our Future Projects

surveyWe are currently in the planning stage for an upcoming project. We cannot reveal any specifics at this time but we need your help to find a good name for it. Obviously, it is going to be about technology and you will be the first to learn more about it when we have more details to reveal. But, until that moment, let us know which name you like best. Your help will be very much appreciated.