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Tech Lolz: Will My Laptop Get Heavier If I Store More Files On It?

FilesGuys and gals, after all this time I have spent on forums, reading all kinds of crazy discussion, I have been amazed one more time. Never have I read such foolishness in a forum thread in my life. It's implied that seconds later I was in tears of laughter, but re-reading the question just makes me ask myself about where we are heading as humanity evolves. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you this discussion so that we can all enjoy some good laughs together. This week's episode is not that much about teaching you something, it is more about bonding over laughter.

Tech Lolz: Smoking Makes Your Computer Stink?!

clean computerSummer is the universal season of bad smells. In the bus, at the mall, at work, in the park, wherever you are, a bad smell is definitely near. However, I would have not believed that the bad smell would come from your computer. Never mind that, as always, there are people out there who prove me wrong in my naive opinion. Apparently, smoking near your computer stinks things up worse than you would have thought. Let's see more about what happens and how to make sure that your computer won't end up being the source of bad smells in your home.

Here's Your Chance to Win a Bitdefender Total Security 2015 License

Bitdefender giveawayBitdefender is celebrating the launch of their new 2015 generation of security products. Their new products are pretty exciting: they introduce a simpler user interface that works well also on devices with touch screens, as well as new features that make it easier to use than in the past. Bitdefender has been very kind to sponsor us and reward our readers with 5 licenses of Bitdefender Total Security 2015. Here's what you have to do in order to have a chance of winning:

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 6 - 12 July 2014

This week was all about Satya Nadella's letter that kicked off Microsoft's 2015 financial year. Satya tried to communicate Microsoft's future direction and hint at some of the changes that are on the horizon for Microsoft and its employees. Another big news was the launch of the new Lumia 930 - a Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone which we will be testing very soon for our readers. To learn more about these subjects and other interesting news, read this week's recap.

Tech Lolz: How to Keep Your "Spicy" Files Private?

FilesHey there good fellows of the Internet. Knowing that we want to keep our privates, well, private, for today's episode I am going to teach you good ways to find all those sleazy pictures and videos from your computer, before your better half moves in and sees what you are into and decides it's just too much. :) So, if you want to know about ways to keep your "spicy" stuff hidden, or ways to simply clean up your computer from adult material, read today's episode of Tech Lolz.

Celebrate 5 Years of 7 Tutorials & Win LastPass Premium Subscriptions

LastPass giveawayThis week we are celebrating our 5th birthday and we would like to reward our readers. We wouldn't have had this celebration without your ongoing support. That's why we have partnered with LastPass and together we would like to offer you 5 LastPass Premium subscriptions for one year. Here's how you can win one of them:

5 Years of 7 Tutorials - What Did We Achieve This Year?

celebrationThis weekend, 7 Tutorials celebrated its first 5 years of existence. It has been a tough but great ride with lots of challenges and accomplishments. Today we would like to share some details about our 5th year of existence and get your feedback about our work. Don't hesitate to read this article and share with us your opinion about our work. Thank you!

Best of the Web for Windows Users – 29th of June - 5th of July 2014

This week we have learned new details about Microsoft's upcoming version of Windows and about their first product in the wearables space. It turns out that they won't be making a smartwatch but something else. We also have leaked pictures of an upcoming Lumia device and other interesting news. What are you waiting for? Read this week's recap.

Tech Lolz: When Computers Are On Standby Do They Dream?

standbyHello everyone, for today's episode we are going to talk about sleep-deprivation in computers and also address their worst nightmares and wet dreams. What happens when we turn off, put to sleep or set on hibernate our computers? Dreams are for everyone, aren't they? Sofas dream about a smaller behind making an imprint on them, fridges dream about that good scrub that you have been avoiding since forever and cats dream about world domination. But what do computers dream about and most importantly, when do they dream?