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Book Review - Windows 8.1 Step By Step, by Ciprian Rusen & Joli Ballew

Windows 8.1 Step by StepWhen I reviewed the first edition of this book - Windows 8 Step By Step - I said that it was "the kind of book to keep handy by your computer for reference, because it will give you confidence that you can do everything right. It's a winner!" Other sites, including Amazon, where reviewers are notoriously cranky, have given it 5-star and 4-star ratings as well, and it's one of Microsoft Press' top selling books in 2013. So this new edition had quite a reputation to live up to. Did authors Ciprian Adrian Rusen and Joli Ballew meet the challenge of making the new Windows 8.1 Step by Step bigger and better? Let's take a look and see what they accomplished this time around.

Windows 8.1 Step by Step - The Best Book for Windows 8.1 is Available

Windows 8.1 Step by StepIf you plant to use Windows 8.1 or buy a PC, hybrid or tablet with Windows 8.1, you should consider buying a good manual for it. We're happy to announce that Windows 8.1 Step by Step is available worldwide and there are some good offers you can find online. Also, now it is well stocked on all distribution channels.

Book Review - Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Step By Step

Years ago, when I bought Microsoft Word for DOS 5.0, it came with three manuals in the box: One to explain the program, one to walk the user through creating printer drivers, and one for the built-in programming language. And some people think that those old DOS programs weren't sophisticated. :)
Now, of course, there is the Microsoft Office suite of programs, all of which have a long list of features, and NO manuals come in the box. Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Step By Step is designed to give a good overview of everything the average user will need to know to be confident in using the new Office. Does this book really cover the bases, and explain everything well? Is it a reference that Office users will need? Let me talk about that in this review.

Dream It, Do It, Live It - Ciprian's First Personal Development Book

Not many people know that, besides technology, there are quite a few other subjects I write about. As a result, today I am happy to announce my first book that’s not about technology. It is named Dream It, Do It, Live It and it is a very fun and practical personal development book. If you would like to learn more about it, please read this article.

Microsoft Office Professional 2013 Step by Step - The Third Book from 7 Tutorials

Did you know that I was also involved in the writing of a Microsoft Office 2013 book? Yes, we did not write any tutorials about the new Microsoft Office suite but it doesn't mean we don't like it and we can't write books about it. This time, I was one of the 7 co-authors (Yes, that many!) of a book that has more than 1200 pages. It is bigger and heavier than the Bible, but boy, it has plenty of useful content.

Book Review - Windows 8 Step By Step, by Ciprian Rusen & Joli Ballew

Windows 8 is now on sale, and the interface is something radically different from any previous version. There are features that are entirely new, features that work differently from their previous incarnations and features that are pretty much the same. What’s the best way to hit the ground running with Windows 8?

Windows 8 Step By Step is part of a series that has a well-deserved reputation for explaining things in a simple, straightforward manner that nearly anyone can understand, and for helping new or inexperienced users gain confidence quickly. Does Windows 8 Step By Step fit this pattern? Let’s find out.

Windows 8 Step by Step - The Best Windows 8 Book is Available Worldwide

We did it! We finished the work our second book! You can’t imagine how happy we are to share this: Windows 8 Step by Step - the best Windows 8 book ever - is now available in many markets, for all our readers and fans to purchase and enjoy. To learn more about it and best place to purchase it, read this article.

How & Why to Purchase Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step

We are very proud to have published our first book: Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step. Our publisher is the prestigious Microsoft Press and the book is distributed by O’Reilly Media. If you would like to know how to purchase the book, what you get with your purchase and what others had to say about it, read on to find out.

Book Review - Network Your Computers & Devices, Step By Step

There’s an old joke that goes: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. For many people, setting up a home network is truly the elephant in the room. It’s nowhere near as difficult as it used to be, when you had to buy extra software and hardware and learn a lot of arcane new commands before you could attempt it at all, but it’s still tricky enough that many people need to be guided through the process one "bite" at a time. And what can anyone with a computer do without a network these days?

Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step - eBook Available!

Back in August, we shared the news about us working on a book about home networking. Now, we are very proud to announce that the book is ready. It is called Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step and it is published by the prestigious Microsoft Press division of O'Reilly Media. Starting today, it is available for purchasing in an eBook format. The print version is coming soon. It just needs more time for distribution to retailers. Read on for more details.