Download the Dead Island Theme for Windows 7

One of the most famous zombie games of this year is Dead Island. Some of us played it for a bit and enjoyed it enough to think about creating and sharing a Windows 7 theme for this game. If you enjoyed this game as well, you might want to give this theme a try.

What is Included in the Theme?

The theme includes 8 wallpapers, 7 of which come from These wallpapers were made available for free and are published by us in this theme with their permission. If you are looking for more great looking wallpapers, to fill your desktop with, you should definitely pay this site a visit.

Dead Island Theme

The theme uses black as the main color and features a small sound scheme with sounds from the game when you log in and log off from Windows. No screensavers are included.

Download the Theme

We recommend you to use your favorite BitTorrent client to download the theme pack. You can find the BitTorrent download page here: Dead Island Theme for Windows 7. You can download the torrent file directly from here.

NOTE: if you are not familiar with BitTorrent and how to download files via this file sharing protocol, please read this tutorial: Using BitTorrent to Share Big Files with You - How Will it Work?

You can also download the files via your web browser. However, the download speed might be much lower:

Customize the Theme

If there’s any aspect of the theme you don’t like, you can always customize it. This tutorial will show how: How to Customize Windows 7 Themes.
If you do change something - don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments form below. We want to know, so that we improve future themes.

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