Downloads for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8 users.

Download the Mafia 2 Theme Pack By 7 Tutorials

After our Starcraft 2 theme pack, we moved our attention to Mafia 2 fans and created a theme pack for Windows 7. Because we were really impressed of how cool the soundtracks for this game are, we used part of those to create the sound scheme for our themes. We have created sounds for: Windows logon and logoff, critical stop, device connect and disconnect, program error and others. Each theme pack is designed for a different resolution: 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200. We have used different images that will be set as desktop background, in each theme pack. The wallpapers are changed every 15 minutes and the picture position is Fill. To download the theme pack for your resolution and find out how to install it, click on Read More.

Download the Starcraft 2 Theme Pack By 7 Tutorials

For all Starcraft 2 fans, we have something special - Starcraft 2 theme packs for Windows 7. I have created 5 theme packs for the most popular resolutions used by our readers: 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200. Each of them contains different images that will be used as desktop backgrounds and automatically changed at a 15 minutes interval. We wanted to give a special touch to these theme packs so, we have used original Starcraft 2 sounds to create a little sound scheme, which is included in the themes. These sounds are applied to the following events: Windows logon, Windows logoff, empty recycle bin, system notification and program error. To download the theme pack for your resolution and find out how to install it, click on Read More.

Play Any Video Format in Windows Media Player 12

In terms of file compatibility, Windows Media Player 12 is by far the most ecumenical to date. Where Microsoft once tacitly shunned third-party file types - such as Apple’s Quicktime (.MOV) and DivX - it now supports an impressive number of file types out of the box. Still, avid media enthusiasts will occasionally come across a video file type that Windows Media Player 12 can’t handle natively. Luckily, all you’ll need to for the small fraction of video formats that Microsoft chose not to support from the get go, is a handy codec pack. This tutorial will show you how to install the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which enables support for virtually every video file type under the sun.

How to Customize File Types, AutoPlay & Default Programs Settings

One of the things that became obvious after publishing our series on how to set default programs, associate file types and set up AutoPlay settings, is that Windows 7 has limited capabilities for setting all these things. Fortunately for us, there are third party programs, such as the Default Programs Editor that allow you to do all this plus customize context menus. In this tutorial I will share where you can get this cool program from and how it works.

Top 7 Windows Media Player 12 Skins in 2010

In our earlier post, we showed you how to download, install and apply Windows Media Player 12 skins. So, why not give your new found knowledge a whirl by checking out some of the top 7 Windows Media Player 12 skins that are worth a download? These aren't being by any means the only good Windows Media Player 12 skins, but there are the ones that we enjoy and have installed on our machines. Our tastes may vary from yours, but we chose these skins based on functionality, flashiness and in many cases, pure quirkiness (in a good way). Check 'em out.

7 Must Have Windows Media Player 12 Plug-ins

In an earlier tutorial, we showed you just how easy it is to extend the functionality of Windows Media Player 12 by installing plug-ins. As a supplement to that guide, we figured we'd rundown the coolest Windows Media Player 12 plug-ins available for download. You can find some of these at the Microsoft page that superseded, but the pickings there are conspicuously slim. So, we tested and reviewed a couple top Windows Media Player 12 plug-ins and rounded them up here, for you to check 'em out.

The Top 7 Screen Savers for Windows in 2010

Because of the small range of screen savers offered by default with Windows, I decided to search the web for other, better looking ones. Unfortunately most of the screensavers found were not free or, were free to download but you had to register and pay to use them after some time. Some are installed with some additional software such as unwanted toolbars, programs and even viruses, while others, even if they are announced to be compatible with Windows 7, do not actually work on this operating system.
Surprisingly, there's a lot of complexity in finding, downloading and installing such trivial software as screen savers. That's why I will share with you the top seven screen savers I've found, which you can safely install without getting your computer infected.

Top 7 Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

In my previous article, I have shown ow to work with Desktop Gadgets. Now it is time to continue this subject and share a list with the top 7 desktop gadgets you should install on your Windows 7 computer. They cover different functionality and I'm certain many of them will prove to be useful. In this article I will present each gadget in detail and also share some good locations for downloading gadgets and how to install them once downloaded to your computer.

How to Customize Your Windows 7 Logon Screen

PersonalizationWe will continue our series on customizing the appearance of Windows 7 with an article about logon screens. Even though now you can customize lots of visual elements directly from the Control Panel, you still cannot change the logon screen. As with previous versions of Windows, you need to use third-party tools for this task. In this guide I will show which tools you can use for changing the logon screen, to work with them and also share a few download locations.

Easily Enable or Disable the Registry Editor Using RegistryED

RegistryEDWe've managed to create another tool which can be useful in certain scenarios. RegistryED can help you enable or disable your Registry Editor in Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista & Windows XP. This can come in handy when you don't want others to edit your registry or, when a virus infects your computer and disables your Registry Editor. The scenarios are not that common but when you need this kind of tool, it's certainly useful. Therefore, in this article you will find out how this tool works and also receive the download link.

Easily Enable or Disable the Task Manager Using TaskMgrED

TaskMgrEDWhen getting infected with a virus, one of the most common things that can happen is for the Windows Task Manager to be disabled. In such a scenario, every time you try to launch it, you will receive a message saying that the 'Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator'. In this case, the first thing you should do is to install a good antivirus solution and disinfect your PC. If you need recommendations on good security solutions, check our 'Security for Everyone' series. After you disinfect your PC, you can enable your Task Manager again by using a free tool called TaskMgrED, developed by one of our team members. In this article you will find out how this tool works and also receive the download link.