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Until May 9th, the good folks from O’Reilly Media and Microsoft Press have a great offer on eBooks. You can buy any Windows 7 title, including the book published by our team, at very good prices. When you purchase a title, you get it in all eBook formats, without any pesky DRM included. Don’t wait... there are only a few days left.

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Maximize Windows 7 Save 50% – One Week Only

The Books We Recommend

If you haven’t read our book yet - Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step, we definitely recommend you to try it out. It is being sold at a really good price and it will help you build a working home network that connects multiple computers, devices and operating systems. The offer includes also the Windows 7 Inside Out, Deluxe Edition for those who want to become real experts in using and administering Windows 7 or Windows 7 Step By Step for those who are beginners and want to get the basics right.