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Reviewing The Inateck Tool Free USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure With UASP

InateckIt's often possible to take advantage of a really good price on a hard drive or SSD intended for internal installation, and put it into an external enclosure for portable use. Once, installing drives in external enclosures required tools, patience and the ability to squish a connecting cable into a very small space. Nowadays, though, manufacturers are making the process as painless as possible. And the enclosures can be very nice to look at, as well. The Inateck Tool Free USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure with UASP is an attractive, lightweight enclosure that promises simple installation and high speed access. Does it live up to its promises? To find out, read this review:

Reviewing The Inateck HB3001g USB Hub With Card Reader

InateckMany modern portable devices come with slots for SD or microSD cards, to provide additional storage. Some, however, do not. If those devices also have limited internal storage, as often happens in lower priced models, the user has to keep an eagle eye on the number of apps and files that are installed, to keep from running out of space. Without SD capability, is there a way to easily add extra storage space to such a device? As it turns out, the answer is yes, if the device supports OTG or "on the go" technology. The Inateck HB3001g Hub and Card Reader allows you to easily connect extra storage to a device that has no SD slot. Does this sound appealing to you? If so, read on.

ASUS Whetstone Review - A Great Quality Mouse Pad By Republic Of Gamers

ASUS WhetstoneASUS has added a new mouse pad to their Republic of Gamers line of products - the ASUS Whetstone. Quite an inspired naming, since whetstones are used for sharpening cutting tools and weapons, and another recently launched ROG product - the ASUS Sica which bears the name of a sharp weapon! We've used the Whetstone to "sharpen our gaming weapons" for a while and now we're ready to share our conclusions. Read this review to learn whether or not this mouse pad is good for you.

Reviewing Microsoft Lumia 535 - The True Successor To The Lumia 520

Microsoft Lumia 535Nokia Lumia 520 was a great affordable smartphone that managed to become the most popular Windows Phone device ever. Its successor - Lumia 530 - had many issues and it did not manage to rise to the high expectations set by Lumia 520. Luckily, Microsoft has released the Microsoft Lumia 535 - a smartphone that fixes the many shortcomings of Lumia 530 and which, at least on paper, seems like a worthy successor to the Lumia 520. We were very keen to test it and see how well it performs. We used it for a week, on a daily basis and here’s what we think about the new Microsoft Lumia 535:

Reviewing The ASUS Sica - A Budget Gaming Mouse From The Republic Of Gamers

ASUS SicaThe Republic of Gamers added a new gaming mouse to their line-up of peripherals. It's called ASUS Sica and it draws its inspiration from old Dacian legends. This mouse was designed for gamers on a budget who love the ROG brand and want to use their peripherals but can't afford the more expensive models. We've tested the ASUS Sica mouse for a week, with several games and we're ready to share our conclusions in this review. Read on to learn whether or not ASUS Sica is the right mouse for you.

ASUS Zenbook NX500 Review – A High-End Ultrabook With A 4K Display

ASUS Zenbook NX500ASUS has sent us for testing a high-end ultrabook, called ASUS Zenbook NX500. It is a gorgeous ultrabook that features a really awesome 4K screen, hardware components to match it and a solid and elegant case. As you can imagine, we were very curious if this premium device really is everything ASUS promised it to be. Now, after we've worked on, played with and tested the ASUS Zenbook NX500, we're ready to share our conclusions with you. If you want to know more about the ASUS Zenbook NX500, don't hesitate to read on.

Reviewing Vacron VIG-UM723 - An Affordable Surveillance Camera

Vacron VIG-UM723Do you need to build your own surveillance system for your home or office? Do you need a camera with infrared that can record video during the night? Do you need it to have motion sensors and alarm triggers? If you do, then you will surely stumble upon the Vacron VIG-UM723 IP camera in your searches. We have used this camera for about two weeks and we are ready to share our conclusions in this review. Read on to learn what you get when you purchase it.

ASUS ROG G771JM Review - A High-end Gaming Laptop By Republic Of Gamers

ASUS ROG G771JMIt's time to pay another visit to ASUS' Republic of Gamers! The Taiwanese company has launched another high-end gaming laptop for their ROG series. It packs quite a punch from a hardware perspective and we really wanted to see how well it performs. After two weeks of playing and working on the ASUS ROG G771JM gaming laptop, we're now ready to share our conclusion. If you're on the lookout for a powerful gaming laptop, read on to learn whether you should consider buying the ASUS ROG G771JM or not.

Microsoft Lumia 435 Review - Outrageously Affordable!

Nokia Lumia 435Recently, Microsoft launched a new budget smartphone: the Lumia 435. It's the "first of his name", as there never has been another Lumia 400 series before. Microsoft Lumia 435 is a low priced smartphone that promises not to compromise and, at the same time, offer you a complete Windows Phone 8.1 experience. Furthermore, Microsoft promises to deliver even the Windows 10 upgrade later this year, for free, for all Lumia 435 owners. As you can imagine, when we received this smartphone, we were quite anxious to see what less than a hundred dollars can buy. If you are too, don't hesitate to read this review:

Prestigio MultiPad Visconte Quad Review - An Affordable Windows Tablet

Prestigio MultiPad Visconte QuadPrestigio MultiPad Visconte Quad is a Windows 8.1 tablet that costs less than $200. That's a low price for a Windows tablet and we were afraid that, at this price point, the device itself might not be of great quality. We tested this tablet for a couple of days and we can say that you get quite a good value for its price. Learn more about this device from this detailed review:

Reviewing ASUS PRO B551LG - A Good Notebook For Business Professionals

ASUS PRO B551LGIf you're a business professional and you're looking for a robust and reliable notebook, ASUS PRO B551LG might be a good choice for you. ASUS promises a lot when it comes to this notebook's overall construction quality and its extensive security features. We got our hands on this laptop and were very curious to learn if it will rise to our expectations. We ran multiple tests, used it for a couple of days and now we are ready to share our experience with ASUS B551LG. Read this review to learn more about what you get when purchasing this laptop.

Nokia Lumia 635 Review - 4G plus Windows Phone 8.1 at a good price

Nokia Lumia 635Nokia Lumia 635 is the most affordable Windows Phone with 4G connectivity. It is designed to replace Lumia 620 and Lumia 625. It will also run Windows 10, being one of the first Lumia smartphones to receive official support for this upcoming version of Windows. We tested this smartphone for a couple of weeks and we are now ready to share our conclusions, in this review: