How to Turn Off Text AutoCorrect & Text Suggestions in Windows Phone

keyboardTo help you type faster and better, Windows Phone 8 has two features that are activated each time you write a message: autocorrect and text suggestions. Personally, I found that the autocorrect does more harm than good, especially if you type in languages other than English. If you would like to disable it, this tutorial will show you how. Also, I will present the other typing related settings and features and advise you on whether you should disable them or not.

How to Disable Text AutoCorrect in Windows Phone 8

First, you will have to access your phone's Settings. Open the Apps list, scroll down and tap the Settings entry.

Windows Phone, autocorrect, text, message

Then, look for the keyboard shortcut and tap on it. This shortcut is normally found in somewhere in the middle of the list.

Windows Phone, autocorrect, text, message

A new screen is displayed, with all the keyboards installed on your Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

Windows Phone, autocorrect, text, message

Tap the keyboard for which you want to disable the autocorrect feature. A screen is displayed, listing several keyboard related settings.

Windows Phone, autocorrect, text, message

To disable the autocorrect feature, uncheck the "Correct misspelt words" box.

Windows Phone, autocorrect, text, message

Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8 doesn't have a general on/off switch for enabling or disabling the auto-correction for all the keyboards that are installed. You have to disable this feature for every keyboard installed, using the procedure above.

How to Disable Text Suggestions in Windows Phone 8

When you type something, Windows Phone 8 displays a list with suggestions for the word you are currently typing. If you quickly find a match, tap the appropriate suggestion and the word is written without typing all its letters.

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We use this feature for every message we are writing because it helps us type faster. However, some users may not like this feature and may want to disable it.

To stop Windows Phone from suggesting text, uncheck the "Suggest text" box. This feature will be disabled only for the language you have selected.

Windows Phone, autocorrect, text, message

Disabling text suggestions will also disable the auto-correction feature that was mentioned earlier.

Other Text Related Settings in Windows Phone 8

On the keyboard settings screen you will find several other options, that impact how productive you are when typing. Depending on the keyboard you selected, you should see all or some of the following options:

  • "Highlight misspelled words" – the words you misspell are marked by a red underline.
  • "Insert a space after selecting a suggestion" – upon tapping a suggested word, Windows Phone automatically inserts a blank space.
  • "Insert a full-stop after double-tapping the SPACEBAR" – if you double-tap the spacebar, the current sentence will end.
  • "Capitalise the first letter of a sentence" – this option is self-explanatory.


The auto-correction feature drove me nuts when I first used my Windows Phone and disabling it has eliminated my frustration. However, the text suggestion feature is awesome and it really helps me type faster. Have you used it? What do you think about it? And, did you encounter any problems?