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How to Manage Your Favorites in Internet Explorer for the Desktop

Internet ExplorerIf you’re connected to the Internet there are probably a number of websites that you visit regularly and you want to be able to access them quickly. This is the reason why web browsers have bookmarks: to store your favorite websites in a list and access them quickly whenever you need to visit them. In Internet Explorer, bookmarks are called Favorites and learning how to manage them can be a bit tricky. In this article we will share how to access your favorites, add new ones and how to organize them in the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11.

8 Ways to Improve Your Privacy When Using the Internet Explorer App

Internet ExplorerWhen you first use the Internet Explorer app in Windows 8.1, you may think that it is really simple and basic, without much in terms of features. You couldn't be more wrong. For example, this browser offers lots of privacy oriented features that give you control over what data is tracked about you and what is not. In this article we will share with you 8 privacy oriented settings that you can configure, in order to get the level of privacy you want. Let's get started:

Configure How the Internet Explorer App Works in Windows 8.1

Internet ExplorerEven though the Internet Explorer 11 app in Windows 8.1 is a simple, touch oriented version of the desktop browser, it still has a lot of configuration options, that could be hard to understand for users who are just starting to use it. This is the reason why, in this article we will share all the configuration options that are available in the Internet Explorer 11 app and explain them as best we can.

Create Shortcuts to Start Any Browser in Private or Incognito Browsing

privacyThere are certain situations where users prefer to use Private Browsing to make sure they don't leave any trace of their browsing history on the computer they use. Every web browser has this feature and you can easily switch from normal browsing to private browsing. If you need to use private browsing more frequently, you may want to create a set of special shortcuts that start the browser you are using directly in Private Browsing. Here's how this is done in all the major browsers: Internet Explore (both the desktop and the app version), Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

How to Browse the Web Incognito In All Major Internet Browsers

privacyA very useful tool that any web browser offers is Private browsing. Even though each browser calls it by a different name (InPrivate, Private Browsing, Incognito or Private Tab), this feature always does the same thing: allows users to browse the web without saving data like cache, history or cookies. However, this is done locally, meaning that only people using your computer won't be able to find out what websites you have visited. The websites you visited, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and, in fact, every server your requests pass through, know what you visited. In this article we will show how to enable Private browsing in all the major web browsers and how to check if you are browsing privately or not.

How to Access & Manage Your Favorites in the Internet Explorer App

Internet ExplorerWhen browsing the web, chances are that you will encounter articles or websites that you would like to get back to later. That's why it makes sense to bookmark them or save them to your list of Favorites. In Internet Explorer, bookmarks are called Favorites. In this article, we will share how to access your Favorites, how to organize them and how to edit them, using the Internet Explorer app in Windows 8.1.

How to Turn On or Off Enhanced Suggestions in the Internet Explorer App

Internet ExplorerWhatever you type on your keyboard, you want it to be as short and as quick as possible. This is the reason why the Internet Explorer 11 app in Windows 8.1 and many other web browsers offer you suggestions as you type: to make your life easier. When you type a URL or a search term in the address bar, two types of suggestions are displayed: suggestions based on the websites that you have visited in the past and suggestions from Microsoft's search engine - Bing. These are called enhanced suggestions and, in this tutorial, we will explain how they work and how to disable them or enable them, depending on whether you would like to use them or not.

How to Browse the Web With the Internet Explorer 11 App in Windows 8.1

Internet ExplorerBrowsing the web on a touchscreen device can be really painful if you are using a desktop browser. That's why, in Windows 8.1 you have a whole new browser, designed for touch, which provides a great experience for users of tablets and hybrid devices. The touch version of Internet Explorer is awesome and we love using it on our touch devices. To help you get started, here's a quick overview on how to use it to browse the web.

Did You Know That There is Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer?

browsersFor a long time, Internet Explorer users lacked an easy to use add-on that was meant for blocking annoying ads while Firefox, Chrome and Opera users enjoyed the Adblock Plus extension. As of August 2013, the team behind Adblock Plus decided to release a version for Internet Explorer. We took it for a test drive and we would like to share our findings. Is it any good? How does it compare with the versions that are available for Firefox or Chrome?

Tech Lolz: A Game of Browsers - Which is the ruler of the browser kingdom?

browsersThe Game of Browsers has been a never-ending, name-calling, ruthless battle between 4 major browsers and their small derived versions. At the first level, you have the four major pretenders to the throne, mainly Google Chrome, first of its name, Mozilla Firefox, first of its name, Internet Explorer, first of its name and Safari, first of its name as well. Oh.. and there's also Opera around there somewhere.

But how do you select that one browser that will run perfectly on your computer but also have those tweaks to bring you best joy and fast access while running it? This is the million dollar question. We'll take a look at all of them and let you know what the web had to say.

Set the Internet Explorer Version You Want as the Default in Windows 8.1

Internet ExplorerEach new version of Windows also comes with a new version of Internet Explorer. Windows 8.1 upgrades all users to Internet Explorer 11 which comes in two versions: an app version that is very suitable for devices with touch and the desktop version you know from the past. By default, you can use both versions in Windows 8.1 and you can also set the one you prefer as the default for browsing the web. Here's how this is done.

Which Internet Browser Will Make Your Battery Last Longer?

powerIf you are a mobile user with a Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet, you may want to know which Internet browser to use so that you get the maximum battery time possible. To learn which browser uses the least battery power, I have compared all the major browsers on three separate Windows devices: an old laptop, a very new tablet and a powerful hybrid device. All with Windows 8.1 installed.