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Tutorials, how to guides and benchmarks about Internet Explorer. Lear how to use it, extend its functionality with add-ons, etc.

Which Internet Browser Will Make Your Battery Last Longer?

powerIf you are a mobile user with a Windows 8.1 laptop or tablet, you may want to know which Internet browser to use so that you get the maximum battery time possible. To learn which browser uses the least battery power, I have compared all the major browsers on three separate Windows devices: an old laptop, a very new tablet and a powerful hybrid device. All with Windows 8.1 installed.

How to Set a Proxy Server in All Major Internet Browsers for Windows

Internet ExplorerIf you take your laptop to lots of places, including corporate networks that use proxy servers, you need to know how to set a proxy server, so that you can access the Internet. Here's how to set a proxy server in all the major browsers for Windows: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Browser Wars: What Performance Does Internet Explorer 11 Deliver?

Internet ExplorerWindows 8.1 also includes the new Internet Explorer 11. If, from a user interface perspective, this browser doesn't bring important changes, Microsoft has promised better standard compliance and more performance. Does it deliver on these promises? And how does it compare with the other important browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Opera? Let's find out in this test comparison.

Forget Ads & Distractions with Reading View in Internet Explorer 11

internet explorerA new feature of Internet Explorer 11, in Windows 8.1, is the Reading View. What does it do? Well, it's similar to services like Readability or Clearly and it regenerates web pages without ads, menus and blocks that have nothing to do with the content of the page. It's a very useful feature, especially when you want to read articles published on websites that are filled with ads & all kinds of distractions. Let's see how it works.

Internet Explorer 10: How to Find Your Way Through the Main Interface

The newest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, brought with it many new and improved applications, among which Internet Explorer 10 stands out. The present tutorial is the first in a series of articles and tutorials about Microsoft's latest browser and we hope our users will find it both useful and enlightening. We will start by tackling the main interface elements of Internet Explorer 10 for the desktop and the way they work.

How to Use Google Search as the Default for Internet Explorer 10

By default, Internet Explorer 10 and 9 use Bing as their default search engine. I like Bing and l am using it a lot more often than I used to, because their algorithms have improved over time. However, some people just want to use Google and are not interested in using Bing. For them, I have created this quick tutorial, showing how to add Google as the default search provider in Internet Explorer. This guide also works for the modern version of Internet Explorer 10, included with Windows 8 or Windows RT.

Browser Wars: Is Internet Explorer 10 a Relevant Browser?

One of the things I was interested to learn about Windows 8 is whether Internet Explorer 10 is a good browser or not. Is it worthy to use as your main browser? Does it offer good enough performance to be considered a relevant browser in the future? I ran a few tests and also compared it with Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Also, I compared the data from my previous tests with Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the Release Preview and I have noticed some very interesting changes. Let’s see what I have learned.

Internet Explorer on 64-bit - Is Browsing Possible and Working Well?

As promised, I would like to continue our series of articles on 64-bit browsing with Internet Explorer. I’ve used it for a couple of days, tried to find the plugins and add-ons I needed, and evaluate if I can actually make the switch from the 32-bit version. Can you browse the web on 64-bit, without ever returning to the 32-bit edition of Internet Explorer? Learn from this article.

Does the 64-bit Version of Internet Explorer 9 Deliver Better Browsing Performance?

The 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 9 has been sitting there, installed on my computer for a long time and I never bothered to check it out. I knew that there weren’t any plugins for it and that some websites would not work well on it. But things have changed in the meantime and the plugin problem has disappeared. Therefore I decided it to take it for a spin and see how well it works. First, I spent some time to run a few benchmarks, compare it to the 32-bit version and see if there is any performance gain. Read this article to learn what I have found.

5 Internet Explorer Features Other Browsers Should Adopt

Even though not many websites cover Internet Explorer extensively and write interesting articles and tutorials about it, this browser still manages to hold the title of the most used browser. One of the reasons for it is that it provides some interesting functionality that other browsers don’t have or have not fully adopted. Here is a list of 5 great features Internet Explorer has and other browser do not, which I would love to see being adopted by everybody.