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Security For Everyone – Reviewing AVG Internet Security 2015

AVGAVG is a well-known security company which built its fame mostly on the free products it offers. However, the company also releases commercial products, aiming to provide full protection against any type of cybercrime. One of these products is AVG Internet Security 2015. We downloaded, used and tested this suite for a week and we are now ready to share with you everything we've learned. If you're curious to see how efficient this security suite is at protecting your Windows computers and devices, don't hesitate to read our review.

ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi Review - Good Looks Meet The Intel Core M CPU

Asus T300ASUS has recently launched three new devices that complete their Transformer series. The flagship of this product line is the T300 Chi: a 2-in01 device with Windows 8.1 installed and the new Intel Core M processor. As soon as we heard about it, we wanted to test it. After using it for more than a week, we're ready to share our verdict. Read on to learn whether the ASUS T300 Chi is worth buying or not.

How To Remove Crapware With PC Decrapifier, SlimComputer Or Decrap

ProgramsI'm sure many have heard about programs that promise to eliminate all the bloat that comes preinstalled on our computers. Tools like PC Decrapifier, SlimComputer or Decrap have been recommended by many blogs and experts. But... do they really work? Are they really effective in removing all the bloatware and crapware from your computer? Learn the answer from this analysis:

ASUS Echelon Forest Gaming Headset Review

ASUS Echelon ForestASUS have added a new gaming headset to their product line. They call it the Echelon Forest and the design is quite the attention grabber! With a military themed paint and a name that makes you think of undercover missions, we were quite interested to see what the headset sounds like. We've tested it for a couple of weeks and we're now ready to share our verdict. Read on to learn whether or not it's the right headset for you, from this review:

Reviewing The Inateck Tool Free USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure With UASP

InateckIt's often possible to take advantage of a really good price on a hard drive or SSD intended for internal installation, and put it into an external enclosure for portable use. Once, installing drives in external enclosures required tools, patience and the ability to squish a connecting cable into a very small space. Nowadays, though, manufacturers are making the process as painless as possible. And the enclosures can be very nice to look at, as well. The Inateck Tool Free USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure with UASP is an attractive, lightweight enclosure that promises simple installation and high speed access. Does it live up to its promises? To find out, read this review:

Reviewing The Inateck HB3001g USB Hub With Card Reader

InateckMany modern portable devices come with slots for SD or microSD cards, to provide additional storage. Some, however, do not. If those devices also have limited internal storage, as often happens in lower priced models, the user has to keep an eagle eye on the number of apps and files that are installed, to keep from running out of space. Without SD capability, is there a way to easily add extra storage space to such a device? As it turns out, the answer is yes, if the device supports OTG or "on the go" technology. The Inateck HB3001g Hub and Card Reader allows you to easily connect extra storage to a device that has no SD slot. Does this sound appealing to you? If so, read on.

Security For Everyone – Reviewing Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015

Trend MicroTrend Micro is a very active player in the security market. They started with the old PC-cillin antivirus more than a decade ago and now they are releasing full-fledged security suites. But what about their modern security products? Are they any good? We were curious to test the 2015 version of the Trend Micro Maximum Security and learn the answer ourselves. If you're curious to find out what we found, read this review.

ASUS Whetstone Review - A Great Quality Mouse Pad By Republic Of Gamers

ASUS WhetstoneASUS has added a new mouse pad to their Republic of Gamers line of products - the ASUS Whetstone. Quite an inspired naming, since whetstones are used for sharpening cutting tools and weapons, and another recently launched ROG product - the ASUS Sica which bears the name of a sharp weapon! We've used the Whetstone to "sharpen our gaming weapons" for a while and now we're ready to share our conclusions. Read this review to learn whether or not this mouse pad is good for you.

Security For Everyone – Reviewing Norton Security 2015

NortonNorton is a world renowned name that has been around for a very long time. We actually remember using Norton security products as far back as 1997, when most of the members of our team were just beginning high school. However, their security products didn't do so well in the last years, and our last reviews weren't very favorable. But 2015 is a new year and a new Norton security suite is now available. We tested their latest version for about a week and it's time for us to share everything we've learned about Norton Security 2015 and its effectiveness in securing your Windows computers and devices.

Reviewing Microsoft Lumia 535 - The True Successor To The Lumia 520

Microsoft Lumia 535Nokia Lumia 520 was a great affordable smartphone that managed to become the most popular Windows Phone device ever. Its successor - Lumia 530 - had many issues and it did not manage to rise to the high expectations set by Lumia 520. Luckily, Microsoft has released the Microsoft Lumia 535 - a smartphone that fixes the many shortcomings of Lumia 530 and which, at least on paper, seems like a worthy successor to the Lumia 520. We were very keen to test it and see how well it performs. We used it for a week, on a daily basis and here’s what we think about the new Microsoft Lumia 535:

Reviewing MultCloud - The Service For Managing Multiple Cloud Storage Services

SearchMany of us have multiple cloud storage accounts with several services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Cloud storage is a great invention, and it makes keeping things safe and having access to them from just about anywhere spectacularly easy. But the more cloud accounts you have, the more work it takes to keep up with them. What if you could manage all your cloud drives from one simple interface? That's what MultCloud is all about and in this article we are going to review this service for you.

Reviewing The ASUS Sica - A Budget Gaming Mouse From The Republic Of Gamers

ASUS SicaThe Republic of Gamers added a new gaming mouse to their line-up of peripherals. It's called ASUS Sica and it draws its inspiration from old Dacian legends. This mouse was designed for gamers on a budget who love the ROG brand and want to use their peripherals but can't afford the more expensive models. We've tested the ASUS Sica mouse for a week, with several games and we're ready to share our conclusions in this review. Read on to learn whether or not ASUS Sica is the right mouse for you.