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Detailed reviews for security products like: Internet security suites, antivirus, firewall, antimalware, etc.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android - What Can It Do For You?

BitdefenderAs Android users, you probably know that there are a lot of security risks you may encounter while using this platform. Whether you download apps from the Play Store or you sideload them from other sources that are more or less trustworthy, it is very important that you have a security solution installed on your smartphone or tablet. A good solution also provides protection for your privacy and anti-theft features. Bitdefender asked us to take a look at their security product - Bitdefender Mobile Security - and give you a complete overview of what it has to offer. Let's get started:

How To Use Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool For PC To Get Rid Of Adware

BitdefenderWhen you browse the web and install applications of all kinds, you expose yourself to malware threats, including adware. You know, the kind of programs that show you annoying ads for things you don't need and other nasty behavior like that. If you don't have a proper security solution installed like an internet security suite, you may get your computer infected with adware and you may want a free tool that can help you get rid of it. Bitdefender has recently launched a free tool named Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for PC. Here's a tutorial on how it works and how you can use it to remove adware from your computer.

Simple Questions: What are Cookies & What Do They Do?

cookiesWhen browsing the Internet you may have encountered the term "cookies". Some websites informed you about using them or your web browser had some settings about them. Even though you knew that these "cookies" are not exactly a sweet dessert, you didn't know exactly what they are and their role in browsing the web. This is why, in this article we will explain what cookies are, how they work and what kind of cookies are most frequently used.

Security for Everyone - Reviewing Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

KasperskyKaspersky has recently launched the 2015 version of their security products across North America and they will soon follow in Europe and other regions. While this version doesn't promise any spectacular new features, it does promise to provide many improvements over the 2014 edition. If you would like to learn more about what this new generation of products has to offer, read this review for Kaspersky Internet Security 2015.

Security for Everyone - Reviewing Bitdefender Total Security 2015

BitdefenderThis summer Bitdefender launched their 2015 version of security products. We were curious to test it and learn what's new, how well it works and, most of all, if Bitdefender remains one of the top security products on the market. We received a license of Bitdefender Total Security 2015 a week ago and since then we have been using it on a regular basis. Here's what we have learned:

How to Use Windows Defender Offline to Clean Nasty Malware

Windows DefenderThere are times when your devices are infected by malware that's very hard to remove with traditional antivirus software. On other occasions, the malware blocks the installation of any antivirus software and you cannot remove it manually. In such delicate scenarios, you need to create a bootable disc or flash drive with an antivirus that can be run before the operating system is loaded. This is the only way to disinfect that malware that you are confronting with. For such scenarios, Microsoft has created Windows Defender Offline - a free tool that does a very good job. Here's where to download it, install it and use it to clean that nasty malware from your Windows devices:

Tech Lolz: How (NOT) To Use Malware for Getting Revenge

virusesWhenever there's a discussion about viruses, most people think about how to protect themselves against them, not how to contract them. As always, on the Internet you are likely to meet someone who is crazy enough to look for viruses instead of running away from them. If you are on the lookout for computer viruses too, you should first get to know your enemy, right? That's why today's talk will not be about how to protect yourself against viruses, but about how bad-ass some viruses are and how some people want to use them to get revenge on their "friends".

Security for Everyone - Reviewing Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.1

OutpostOutpost Security Suite Pro 9.1 is a product developed by a lesser-known security company from Russia. The company name is Agnitum and they focus on developing traditional security products like firewalls, antivirus and internet security suites. We last tested their products in 2012 and we were curious to learn how they have improved in the meantime. Let's see what we have learned, in this detailed review:

Security for Everyone - Reviewing Norton Internet Security 2014

nortonNorton is a brand with great recognition but in recent years it was not able to live up to its name and expectations. In our review of Norton Internet Security 2013 we found many problems and issues which did not allow us to recommend this suite to our readers. In the meantime, the 2014 version was launched and we were curious to learn if it is a better product and whether Norton have fixed its past issues.Let's see what we have learned, in this review.

Security for Everyone - Reviewing Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

KasperskyKaspersky has always developed great security products and they have been in the list with the top 5 security products available on the market for many years now. In their 2014 version of products they have improved most of their protection modules and technologies as well as the user interface. Let's see what Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 has to offer to its users and whether it is a great security product or not.

Security for Everyone - Reviewing ESET Smart Security 7

ESETESET Smart Security 7 promises new protection modules that will further enhance its effectiveness in protecting its users. Since the previous version fared very well in our testing, I was curious to learn whether this new version is a worthy successor. Do these new features work well? Do they help ESET Smart Security 7 be one of the best security products on the market? Let's find out from this detailed review.

Security for Everyone - Reviewing Bitdefender Internet Security 2014

BitdefenderIt is time to resume our series of reviews and we would like to start by taking a look at Bitdefender Internet Security 2014. This company had a great year in 2013, receiving accolades after accolades and for good reason - they had some great products. But what about their 2014 version of products? Are they still top-notch and worthy of prizes? Let's find out from this review.