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How to work with a Tablet PC and Tablet PC tools in Windows

How to Create Windows Journal Templates & Send Journals via Email

Windows JournalIn this tutorial, we'll cover some more advanced topics about Windows Journal, like making your own templates, sending your notes as emails and how to view them. The instructions being shared apply to both Windows 7 and Windows 8, so don't hesitate to read this guide indifferent of the Windows version you are using.

How to Create Basic Notes & Drawings with Windows Journal

windows journalWindows Journal is an application designed primarily for people who use tablet or touchscreen computers or use a tablet and pen as an input device, and it works best when used that way. While such inputs are not necessarily natural to Windows 7, they should be natural for the Windows 8.1 interface, right? Let's see if that's the case and how it works.

Training Tablet Input Panel to Work Even Better

In a previous tutorial, we talked about Tablet Input Panel’s handwriting recognition capabilities. If you’ve experimented, you’ve found that it works remarkably well on nearly all handwriting. But if it doesn’t quite understand how you write, or if you just want to make sure Tablet Input Panel works correctly every time—and you’re willing to invest some time—you can get even better results if you do what Microsoft calls "personalize your handwriting."

Windows 7’s Tablet Input Panel: Text Entry and Handwriting Recognition

Tablet PCs are becoming more popular these days, and for good reason. They’re compact and easy to use and can be every bit as powerful as their cousins with keyboards. They’re designed to let you write on the screen with a stylus the same way you’d write on paper with a pen. However, most web sites and other software aren’t designed to accept handwriting. This is where the Tablet Input Panel really shines--it converts almost any handwriting to typed text your applications can use. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to enter text quickly and accurately.

Getting Started with Windows 7’s Tablet Input Panel

The Tablet Input Panel is a Windows 7 program that looks simple, but is actually quite sophisticated. Fortunately, as with most Windows 7 built-in software, even with its many options it’s very easy to use. You’ll find it in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions. Like Windows Journal, the Tablet Input Panel is designed specifically for use with a tablet or touchscreen device, to make text entry and handwriting recognition smooth and effortless. Tablet Input Panel understands multiple languages and can convert nearly anyone’s handwriting to legible text. It’s a tribute to its abilities that you can use it in a limited way with a mouse or trackball if you’d like to experiment, and it will still recognize what you wrote.