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Traffic statistics for 7 Tutorials: visits, pageviews, subscribers, bounce rate, time spent on site, etc.

5 Years of 7 Tutorials - What Did We Achieve This Year?

celebrationThis weekend, 7 Tutorials celebrated its first 5 years of existence. It has been a tough but great ride with lots of challenges and accomplishments. Today we would like to share some details about our 5th year of existence and get your feedback about our work. Don't hesitate to read this article and share with us your opinion about our work. Thank you!

4 Years of 7 Tutorials - Lots of Work, Changes and (Mostly) Good Results

We have so much work to do these days that we barely found the time to breathe and take a look at our fourth year of existence. Lots has changed since we celebrated 3 years of 7 Tutorials and almost everything has changed for the better. If you would like to learn how well we did or you just want to say "Happy Birthday!", don't hesitate to read this summary.

2 Years of 7 Tutorials - The Summary of our Adventure

Wow! Today, we celebrate 2 Years of 7 Tutorials! Amazing, isn’t it? Looking back, I can’t believe time has passed so fast. Well... today it is time to review our second year of activity. Let’s see how many people visited our website, how many return to our website on a regular basis, what was great and wasn’t so great about the second year of 7 Tutorials.

The Trip to 18 Months of 7 Tutorials

We've started our 18 months celebration with a giveaway for our readers. Today it is time to share with you the details about the story we've written and lived in the last 6 months, since our 1 Year Anniversary. How are we doing in terms of traffic, subscribers, top-stories, highlights and future plans? If you are interested about this subject, read on to find out more.

7 Tutorials is 1 Year Old! - Did You Enjoy the Ride?

Today we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary. It was quite a ride and we want to share our side of the story. We are publishing stats about our subscribers, traffic details, most read articles, the highlights of the first year and our plans for the future. Click on read more, give this article a read and tell us what you think. Did you enjoy being a 7 Tutorials reader this year?