Change the Shut Down Button into Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep, etc

One of the things we noticed about some Windows 7 users is that they do not use the Shut down button from the Start Menu to shut down their computers. They use the power button from the computer case instead. If you are such a user, you might want to change the default behavior of the Shut down button from the Start Menu into something else, which you are likely to use in a reasonably frequent manner: Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep or Switch User. This tutorial will show how.

The Shut down button is located on the bottom-right side of the Start Menu. If you click on the arrow near Shut down, you can find other related options, all of which can be set as the default.

Start Menu Properties

To change the default behavior, right click on the taskbar and, from the right-click menu, select Properties.

Start Menu Properties

The 'Taskbar and Start Menu Properties' window opens. Click on the Start Menu tab.

Start Menu Properties

Click on the 'Power button action' drop-down list and select the action you want to set as default.

Start Menu Properties

Click OK and the change is now applied.


As you can see, this tiny tip can be useful for some people. For other tips related to the Start Menu and the Taskbar, check out the articles recommended below.

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