Clock, Language, and Region

How to configure the clock, language, and region settings in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How To Change The Display Language Used By Windows Essentials

display languageWhile working with the applications included in the Windows Essentials package, I discovered that there are no options to change the display language in their configuration menus. That's when I started to ask myself: how can this be achieved without having to uninstall the applications and reinstall them in a different language? To my surprise, making this change is actually not that hard - you simply need to search for a hidden language selector application that's installed with this suite. This tutorial will explain how this works.

How to Add or Remove Keyboard Input Languages in Windows 8 & 8.1

keyboardMany Windows users from all over the world need to use more than one keyboard input language in their work. Some of our team members at 7 Tutorials use at least two languages on a daily basis. Windows 8 and 8.1 come to meet our needs by making it easier than ever to work with keyboard input languages. Adding and removing languages is very easy, as you will see from this detailed tutorial.

Copy Display & Keyboard Input Languages, Format & Settings to All Users

regional settingsIf you have a PC or device that is used by many people, you might want to setup the same display and keyboard input languages, format and location settings for all user accounts. Setting this up manually for one user account is a lengthy process. Setting things up for all user accounts is simply painful. Fortunately for us, both Windows 7 and Windows 8 offer a simple way to configure all these settings on your main user account and have them copied to other user accounts or all the accounts that will be created in the future. Here’s how this is done:

How to Change the Display Language of non-Unicode Programs in Windows

languageHave you ever had problems with running applications written in languages which use special character sets like Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Romanian or Hebrew? If you have, then you should read this article about Unicode and changing the language used for non-Unicode programs. If this sounds like gibberish to you, don't worry - read on and you will understand what Unicode is, how it works and how to make Windows 7 and Windows 8 correctly display programs which use non-Unicode character sets.

Stop Autocorrect & Keyboard Sounds While Typing on a Windows 8.1 Tablet

keyboardAre you using a Windows 8.1 tablet like the Surface 2 or a hybrid device with a touch screen? Then, while typing, you might have noticed some issues with the way the touch keyboard works in Windows 8.1. If that's the case for you, then read this guide on how to set up the touch keyboard, so that it works the way you want to.

How to Turn Off Text AutoCorrect & Text Suggestions in Windows Phone

keyboardTo help you type faster and better, Windows Phone 8 has two features that are activated each time you write a message: autocorrect and text suggestions. Personally, I found that the autocorrect does more harm than good, especially if you type in languages other than English. If you would like to disable it, this tutorial will show you how. Also, I will present the other typing related settings and features and advise you on whether you should disable them or not.

How to Change the Country & Region Used by Windows Phone 8

You may buy a Windows Phone 8 smartphone from a foreign country or you may forget to customize its default configuration, and the wrong country and region are set. Whatever the reason, this means that you don't get access to local apps and services that are available for your specific country. If that's the case for your Windows Phone 8 smartphone, you need to change its country and region. Here's how this is done.

How to Change the Display of Dates, Times, Currency and Measurements

regionBoth Windows 7 and Windows 8 give you the ability to set, in detail, the format used for displaying dates, times, your local currency and the measurements system used by the operating system. If you would like to know how to change all these settings and more, don't hesitate to read this step by step guide.

How to Customize Date, Time & Related Settings in Windows 7 & Windows 8

logo date and timeDo you want to configure in detail all the date and time settings available both in Windows 7 and Windows 8? Would you like to customize the format of the date and time, change how Windows updates the local time using time information from public servers? In this tutorial you will learn all this and more.

Add Clocks to the Taskbar's Notification Area in Windows 7 & Windows 8

If you collaborate with people all over the world, it is very useful to add more clocks to Windows 7 and Windows 8, so that you can quickly view the time in other parts of the world. Luckily, Windows makes it easy to add additional clocks to the notification area of the taskbar, on the Desktop. Here's how it works:

Add New Keyboard Languages in Windows Phone 8 & Switch Between Them

Windows Phone 8 devices generally have English plus your native language as the default keyboard input languages available for typing messages and emails. In today’s world many of us know more than one language and we communicate with people all over the world. In such scenarios we need more than one keyboard input language installed on our phone. How do you add a new keyboard input language in Windows Phone 8? Let’s find out in this tutorial.