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How To Create, Use And Remove Virtual Desktops In Windows 10

Desktops, Windows 10If you used a Mac or a Linux computer in the past, then you know that these operating systems offer multiple virtual Desktops. If you're a Windows user, you never had this choice without installing specialized apps and drivers. However, things are changing and Windows 10 is the first Windows ever to include multiple virtual Desktops. That means you can create and use more than one Desktop on your device. It's a pretty handy feature that allows you to better organize your tasks. Furthermore, if you don't have a dual (or multi) monitor setup, you'll find this feature even more useful. As this is a new feature for Windows users, we thought it would be a good thing if we'd show you how you can create, use and remove virtual Desktops in Windows 10. Let's start:

How To Change The Device Display Language In Android

Android LanguageUndoubtedly, Android is the most popular operating system on the planet for smartphones and tablets . It is currently powering all sorts of devices and appliances, from media players, TVs or personal computers to watches, microwave ovens or fridges. One of the byproducts to this world-wide presence of Android in our lives is the need for its users to be able to switch the display language in which they use their personal devices to their native language. Luckily, most (if not all) Android smartphones and tablets offer this feature straight from the box. In the following article, we'll describe the procedure you need to follow to change the display language of any Android device to any other language you desire.

How To Use & Configure The Glance Screen On Windows Phone Lumias

Glance ScreenThe Glance screen is a feature that has been available for a while on almost every Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Lumia smartphone. It was first introduced by Nokia to its Lumia lineup running Windows Phone 8, back in the summer of 2013. Essentially, Glance lets you set your Lumia to display various information on its screen, even when the smartphone is in standby. This is a pretty neat feature, as it allows you to quickly get a glimpse of essential information like the time or your notifications, without having to turn on your smartphone and without wasting any significant battery power, as the screen is not using any backlight to display this information. Read on to find how to enable Glance and how to set it on your Lumia smartphone:

Introducing Windows 10: 6 Ways To Open Settings

Windows 10 SettingsWindows 10 might be in preview for now, but many users have already migrated to it. Looking at how the Settings app becomes more and more important when it comes to configuring your device, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you all the methods we know for launching it. This is a roundup of these methods, which we hope will prove useful for many of you, our readers.

The Complete Guide To Pinning Everything To The Windows 8.1 Start Screen

start screenHave you ever wondered what kind of items can you pin on your Start screen? Well, there's a lot of stuff you can pin that you probably didn't know about such as libraries, networks locations, websites, different apps and many others. If you didn't really liked the Start screen or you never saw its usefulness maybe after reading our guide you will. If you haven't figured it out yet, our purpose is to teach you how to pin different items to your Start screen in a short but comprehensive guide. Let's go:

How To Install & Switch The Keyboard Input Language In Android

keyboardSince Android is such a popular operating system for smartphones and tablets throughout the world, people often find that they need to change the keyboard to a different input language, rather than their device's default. In this article, we'll describe the steps you need to take in order to install and change the input language of the keyboard.

Introducing Windows 8.1: Group Shortcuts On The Start Screen & Name Them

StartOrganization is the key to productivity. Having important stuff you pinned on the Start screen scattered all over the place is not very efficient. Your favourite apps will be hard to find, especially if there's a large number of apps pinned on the Start screen. The best option for Windows 8.1 users is to group the items and label them properly. Besides the utility of this feature, you will notice that your Start screen will also look more attractive. In this article we will show how to easily group the items on the Start screen and how the name the groups you created.

9 Ways To Open File Explorer In Windows 10

File ExplorerIn the past we have shared many ways to open File Explorer in Windows 8.1. Windows 10 is just around the corner, and we asked ourselves, do all those methods of opening File Explorer still work? Are there any new methods available? This roundup contains all the ways to open File Explorer in Windows 10 that we could find. If you have others that you would like to suggest, don’t hesitate to let us know.

How To Clear Your Personal Information From Your Start Screen Tiles

Start screenIf you're a Windows 8.1 user, you surely noticed that some of the tiles pinned on your Start screen gather and display personal information like notifications with messages you receive from others, your meetings and to-dos, your personal pictures and so on. At some point, you may want to clean all that information so that others won't see it. In this guide we will show you the steps you need to follow in order to clear all your personal information from the Start screen.