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How to manage your network and internet connections in Windows 7 and Windows 8. How to work with wireless networks.

5 Things You Can Do With The Kaspersky Safe Browser On Windows Phone

Windows Phone, KasperskyNot long ago, Kaspersky released a new browser available for Windows Phone and iOS which was expected to be promising. What makes it different from the other browsers? Well, Kaspersky Safe Browser, besides providing the usual navigation tools, protects your data online by blocking malicious and phishing websites. The app can also be configured to block specific categories of unwanted content and provides different tools to improve your online experience. In this article we will present some of the most interesting features of this browser. Let's go:

How To Manage Your Skype Account From The Skype For Windows Desktop App

SkypeAs we have already explained, Skype is going to discontinue the “Modern” Skype app and make its users migrate to the Skype for desktop app. This action is an attempt to simplify the your user experience with the help of a single application that works with either a keyboard and mouse or a touchscreen. This tutorial continues our series of articles about the Skype for desktop app and is aimed at making your transition between the two versions of this VoIP application more pleasurable. So read on to understand how to easily manage all aspects of your Skype account and user profile.

How To Use The Skype For Windows Desktop App

SkypeWith the upcoming release of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced that it will be abandoning the development of the modern app version of Skype. The general idea is the attempt to simplify user experience with the help of a unified VoIP application that works both on touch based devices and regular mouse and keyboard ones. It has also been stated that, after July 7, all users who will try to open the touch app on Windows 8 or 8.1 will be asked to switch to the desktop version. Therefore, in order to help you easily migrate between the two applications, we have decided to create a series of articles that will show you how to easily use the Skype for desktop app. In this tutorial, we will try to help you understand the main user interface elements of the desktop version so that you can continue to stay in touch with your friends, family and co-workers without any kind of problems.

How To Connect & Work With An FTP Server From Windows/File Explorer

FTP serverOne of the lesser-known features available in Windows Explorer and in File Explorer is that these tools can handle connections to FTP servers. You can use them to do all the file and folder management operations you would expect: copy, move, delete, create, rename and so on. In this guide, we will show you how to use Windows Explorer and File Explorer in order to make quick connections to any kind of FTP servers.

How To Delete Or Forget Wireless Network Profiles In Windows 10

Windows 10, wirelessIn some of our previous articles, we've shown how you can connect to broadcasting or hidden wireless networks in Windows 10. Whenever you do connect to a wireless network, the operating system creates a profile for that connection, in which it stores things like its SSID (the name of the network) and its security details (like the password and encryption it uses). However, what if you decide you don't want your device to remember a certain wireless connection? In such a case, you must delete its network profile. This guide will show you how you can do that:

How To Add A Proxy Server To A Wireless Connection In Android

Android ProxyProxy servers are useful tools for protecting user privacy. You can browse the Internet behind a proxy server and no one will gain access to your sensitive data. While you are connected to a network that uses a proxy server, this server acts as an intermediary for network requests between you and the rest of the network, virtually filtering the information exchanged between the network nodes. But nowadays, more and more people prefer browsing the net on their mobile devices, many of which are Android-powered, rather than on a computer, does this all-too-popular mobile operating system offer the feature of setting up your network connection to use a proxy server? Fortunately, starting with version 2.3 (or Gingerbread), it does. In this tutorial, we'll teach you how to add your proxy server details to your mobile device's wireless network connection.

How To Turn Your Windows 8.1 Or Windows 10 Device Into A WiFi Access Point

wirelessIf you used Windows 7 or Windows XP, you know that these operating systems allow you to create ad hoc wireless connections between computers. You could use those connections to create a wireless network between multiple computers or to share the Internet connection that was available on one of them. If you use Windows 8.1 or if you just migrated to Windows 10, then you might have noticed that this can no longer be done, at least not using a visual interface. However, with the help of the Command Prompt and a few commands, you too can turn your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 laptop or hybrid device into a WiFi access point. Here's how:

How To Share Files Between Smartphones & Windows PCs With Feem

FeemHas it ever happened that you wanted to share some files between your smartphone and your computer, but you had no USB cable with you? If there was no Internet connection either, you probably had to use the slow and problematic Bluetooth. Thankfully, both your smartphone and your Windows PC have a WiFi adapter and you can connect the two devices directly. Today we will demo the Android version of a multiplatform application called Feem that lets you do exactly this: send files from your smartphone to your PC and vice versa. Here's how.

How To Use Your Android Smartphone As A Mobile WiFi Hotspot?

Android HotspotOne might think that WiFi is such a widespread technology that no matter where you go, you will have access to a free hotspot and the Internet. While WiFi is indeed very popular it is far from being available everywhere. You might encounter many situations when you need Internet access but there is no WiFi network nearby. When that happens, you can use your smartphone and its 3G or 4G connection and you don't even need a cable. This tutorial will cover all steps necessary to share your Android smartphone's mobile network connection with other devices and turn it into a mobile wireless hotspot:

How To Set Windows 10 To Get Updates From The Local Network & The Internet

Windows UpdateTraditionally, the updates for any Windows device were delivered directly from Microsoft's Windows Update servers. While this is the most secure way of getting untampered files, it's not the fastest delivery method. For example, many Linux distributions connect to and get updates not only from dedicated servers, but also from other users, using peer to peer transfers. Microsoft will also offer this option in Windows 10. Learn from this tutorial how you can set Windows 10 to get updates from multiple sources, including your local network and the Internet: