How To Manage your Programs and Windows Features in Windows

How To Change Document Layout In Microsoft Word For Android

Word, AndroidCreating a document is not just about entering text and making it look the way you want it. If you want to have a neatly looking document, you will also want to set up its layout accordingly. It's also important to have the correct settings when you want to print the document, to ensure that it will print properly. Let's see how to access and modify a document's layout settings!

Windows Phone: Cannot Send Text Messages (SMS) To Some People?

Maybe you've noticed, sometimes, when you use the Messaging app that you can't send text messages to some of your contacts. When you search for them in the field, the search doesn't return their names and/or their phone numbers. But, when you double check the People app, you see them listed with their phone number and everything. What's going on? Why is the Messaging app not listing them as contacts you can send text messages to? We did a bit of research and found out why this is happening.

6 Features That Make Microsoft Edge A Better Browser Than Others

Microsoft EdgeWith the release of the Windows 10 operating system, the Microsoft Edge browser was released on the market. It's not yet a finished software product as Microsoft still has new features in development for it but it is a working product and it delivers at least the basics required for browsing the web. Some people consider the initial release of Microsoft Edge to be quite promising while others consider it underwhelming. After using it for the last couple of weeks, we would like to share with you the things that we believe make Microsoft Edge a better browser than others. Here they are:

How To Find And Replace Text In Microsoft Word For Android

Word, AndroidWhen working with larger amounts of text you can quickly find yourself looking for a part you just can't remember exactly. This is when Microsoft Word's Find feature comes in handy. This feature lets you quickly pinpoint all occurrences of a word or words, and also replace some or all of these with something else, if you need to. Here's how to do this in the Microsoft Word Android app.

How To Sideload Apps Using APK Files On Android Devices

Android, GoogleIn one of our previous tutorials on the Android mobile operating system, we taught you how to use the Google Play Store to find and install the apps you need. That is the most important and within reach method of installing apps onto your Android-based mobile device, but it's not the only one. Say you're an Android developer. You're building apps for the Android ecosystem, but before you get to launch your app in the Google Play Store, you have to test it while it is under development. Another case might be that you're working in a company that uses its own-developed Android apps that don't need to be published to the app store, since they're not intended for general use. What do you do, how do you install them on your device? Luckily, there's the "sideload" method. This implies getting a hold of the .apk file (.apk is the file format used for Android app installers), load it onto your device and install it locally, without going through the Google Play Store. In this tutorial, we'll teach you how to achieve exactly that.

Simple Questions: What Are Remote Desktop Connections?

Remote Desktop ConnectionYou might have heard about remote desktop connections, either at work, from your network admin or just from a friend who is rather geeky and knowledgeable about computers and networks. If you don't know what remote desktop connections are, then this article is for you. After receiving a number of questions regarding the purpose and usefulness of remote desktop connections, we've come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea if we explained you a few basic things about what they are, and how they can make your life easier in certain situations. Here we go:

How To Remove Default Windows 10 Apps With PowerShell In 3 Steps

PowerShellWindows 10 comes with quite a few pre-installed universal apps, such as Calendar, Mail, Camera, Photos and so on. While some people like them and find them useful, others do not. If you don’t want some of these bundled apps on your Windows 10 device, you might be wondering if they can be removed from the Start Menu or even completely removed from your system. While a few of the built-in apps can be uninstalled by simply right clicking on them and selecting the Uninstall option, most of them don’t offer this option. That is because Microsoft considers them to be core apps, required by Windows 10 to offer you Microsoft’s intended user experience. However, you can uninstall any universal app, if you use PowerShell, so in today's tutorial we'll show you how it’s done:

How To Set, Edit & Remove Alarms In Windows 10

AlarmsSetting alarms is a feature that was first introduced in Windows 8.1, and it's also present in Windows 10, so it's a quite recent addition. You have probably set alarms on your phone a million times so you might think there's nothing interesting about it. Well, this might prove to be a very useful tool, which will boost your productivity, especially if you spend a lot of time using your computer. In this article we will show you how to manage your alarms manually or using Cortana which will do most of the work by herself.

46 Keyboard Shortcuts That Increase Your Productivity In Windows 10

Windows 10, keyboard, shortcutsWindows 10 focused a lot on creating a better Desktop experience than ever before. We've got new features and options, like the support for multiple virtual Desktops, Cortana - a witty digital assistant, a new Start Menu and so on. While you can use a mouse or a touchscreen to navigate through Windows 10 and all its features, all the "user - computer" interaction can be faster and simpler, if you choose to also use the keyboard shortcuts available for this operating system. In this article, our goal is to present you some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts from Windows 10. We won't include each and every available keyboard shortcut - we'll only share the ones we consider both easy to remember and useful from a productivity perspective. Let's get started:

How To Customize Maps In Here Drive+ For Windows Phone

HERE DriveHere Drive+ for Windows Phone is one of the most reliable GPS navigation apps in the Store. The app is bundled with a lot of features that are detailed in several guides we published. An important part of the navigation experience is the way your maps look. A good map should contain all sorts of information but it should also be light, so you can follow it easily. Of course, the way a good map looks is a matter of personal preference. In this article we will show you how to customize your maps in Here Drive+ to be as you want them to. Let's get started:

How To Save Battery Power While Browsing The Web In Internet Explorer

Internet ExplorerOne of the great features of Internet Explorer is its ability to save battery time while browsing the Internet. All you have to do is adjust a setting from your active power plan in order to make this web browser use less power. In this article we will show you how this is done and we'll also share with you a rough estimate about the performance impact it has on your browsing experience.

How To Work With Paint In Windows

PaintMany of you know that Paint is a drawing tool that can be used for simple drawings and basic image editing. Paint has been included in every version of Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 1.0 which was released in 1985. Now, the application is almost the same both Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. But, compared to earlier versions of Windows, Paint has been changed and improved dramatically, after almost 20 years of stagnation. It now feels like a basic image editing tool worth taking into consideration.