How To Manage your Programs and Windows Features in Windows

4 Reasons Why Windows Media Player Plus! Is Worth Downloading

Windows Media PlayerThe list of media players for Windows is very large, but despite the multiple alternatives, Windows Media Player still remains one of the most reliable media players on the market. Sure, there are a few usability features missing, but nothing absolutely critical. This is where Windows Media Player Plus! from BM production kicks in. This plug-in reintroduces the simplified use from earlier Windows Media Player versions and adds some other tweaks that correct some of the shortcomings of Windows Media Player 12 that may have steered you away initially. This is what makes Windows Media Player Plus! such a hot download:

9 Ways To Open File Explorer In Windows 10

File ExplorerIn the past we have shared many ways to open File Explorer in Windows 8.1. Windows 10 is just around the corner, and we asked ourselves, do all those methods of opening File Explorer still work? Are there any new methods available? This roundup contains all the ways to open File Explorer in Windows 10 that we could find. If you have others that you would like to suggest, don’t hesitate to let us know.

How To Fetch Files Remotely From Your PCs Using OneDrive In Windows

OneDriveStoring your files in OneDrive is a great way to access your data more conveniently. Once your files are in the cloud, you can view or edit them using any device with Internet access. But what happens if you have a file you need but it isn't in your OneDrive account? You may think you're out of luck, but that isn't the case. As long as you've got the Fetch feature configured properly and you are using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 on the computer containing the file and that computer is connected to the Internet, you can find the file and download it right from the OneDrive website. Read on to learn how to use this simple yet awesome feature.

How To Rename A Windows Task Created With Task Scheduler

task schedulerIn our previous tutorials about the Task Scheduler we showed you how to create scheduled tasks and how to manage them. However, there is one subject that we didn't cover yet. That is how to rename a task that's already created and scheduled. While it may seem a trivial action to some, things are not as simple as they appear to be. Let's see why, and how we can change that:

How To Provide Remote Support With Windows Remote Assistance

Windows Remote AssistanceNot many people know about Windows Remote Assistance and how to use it to provide remote technical support to other Windows users. Therefore, in this tutorial we will cover this tool in detail and show you how it works. As you'll see, it works smoothly and you don't really need to install third-party software for a quick support session. Windows Remote Assistance will do the job just fine.

Reviewing MultCloud - The Service For Managing Multiple Cloud Storage Services

SearchMany of us have multiple cloud storage accounts with several services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Cloud storage is a great invention, and it makes keeping things safe and having access to them from just about anywhere spectacularly easy. But the more cloud accounts you have, the more work it takes to keep up with them. What if you could manage all your cloud drives from one simple interface? That's what MultCloud is all about and in this article we are going to review this service for you.

How To Defragment Your Disc Drives In Windows 8.1

Optimize DrivesThe good old Disk Defragmenter tool that suffered a series of changes in Windows 7 has been changed again in Windows 8.1. It has a new name - Optimize Drives - and some new inner-workings. As a result, defragmenting drives in Windows 8.1 is a little bit different from what it used to be in previous versions of Windows. Read on to learn how to defragment your disc drives in Windows 8.1.

How To Add Titles, Captions And Credits In Windows Movie Maker

Movie MakerA picture's worth a thousand words - but sometimes, your home movie or photo slideshows can benefit from just a bit more. That's where titles, captions and credits come in. Windows Movie Maker allows you to add these textual elements in a snap. You can even give them a professional look and feel by tweaking the font and style and by adding cinematic effects. In this tutorial, we'll teach you the differences between titles, captions and credits and when to use each of these.

How To Save Windows Movie Maker Projects As Video Files

Movie MakerAfter you have finished editing your project in Windows Movie Maker, maybe you may want to share it. However, when you export the project, it will be saved as a Movie Maker Project file with .wlmp extension. These .wlmp can be opened ONLY in Windows Movie Maker so, in order to share your video with friends and family or upload it to YouTube, Facebook or another website, you'll have to export it as a .wmv file or any other recognized video format. In this tutorial, we'll show how to save your movie in a shareable format using the recommended settings and for advanced users, we'll also go through the steps for creating your own custom settings for exporting video.

How To Use The Reading View In Internet Explorer For Windows Phone

internet explorerWindows Phone's web browser has many useful features which make navigation on the web faster and easier. One of those features is the Reading View which regenerates web pages without ads, menus and blocks that have nothing to do with the content of the page. Some articles are really hard to read because they have too many ads. Others are just not optimized for mobile reading. In situations like these, the Reading View makes reading on the web a much better experience. Here's how to enable the Reading View in Internet Explorer for Windows Phone and how to customize it in order to make your reading experience as pleasant as possible. Let's get started:

How To Add Music To Videos In Windows Movie Maker

Movie MakerWindows Movie Maker is all about ease of use and when it comes to adding background music to your videos and photo slideshows, that theme remains the same. Windows Movie Maker's audio editing features are very basic and mostly limited to fading in and fading out, changing the start and end points for the audio and adjusting the volume for the entire clip. But if all you want is a little mood music for your home movie, then Windows Movie Maker lets you add a soundtrack from your own music collection. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add music to your Windows Movie Maker project and how to edit audio clips.