How To Manage your Programs and Windows Features in Windows

Set a Default View Template in Windows Explorer for Any Folder

Even though I enjoy the Windows Explorer version included in Windows 7, many of our readers don’t feel the same. Therefore I decided to help and post a solution to a pretty common problem you keep having: setting Windows Explorer to use a specific view type for a specific folder. Read on to find out how.

How to Get Rid of Black Bars in Windows Live Movie Maker Videos

Ever notice those annoying black bars on the sides or along the top and bottom of a video? Oftentimes, the culprit is an incorrectly set aspect ratio. In Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, it’s easy to mistakenly save a movie in the wrong aspect ratio, thus creating these black bars in your final product. This tutorial will explain why these black bars appear and how you can get rid of them.

Use the Task Scheduler to Launch Programs Without UAC Prompts

Do you need to frequently run applications which require administrative permissions, but each time you run them, you have to go through a UAC (User Account Control) prompt? If that's the case, well... there are several solutions (some more complex than others) which allow you to run these programs without the UAC prompts and without turning off UAC. In this article we will demonstrate a solution that uses the Task Scheduler.

How to Add Titles, Captions and Credits in Windows Live Movie Maker

A picture’s worth a thousand words--but sometimes, your home movie or photo slideshows can benefit from just a bit more. That’s where titles, captions and credits come in. Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 allows you to add these textual elements in a snap. You can even give them a professional look and feel by tweaking the font and style and adding cinematic effects. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you the differences between titles, captions and credits and when to use each of these.

How to Add Animations & Visual Effects in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 lets you easily create photo slideshows and home movies without any technical knowledge. You can give them a more professional look and feel by adding transitions, pan and zoom and other visual effects. In this tutorial, we will explain the differences between each of these animations and effects and show you how to use them in your Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 project.

Changing the Display Language Used by Windows Live Essentials

While working with the applications included in the Windows Live Essentials package, I discovered that there are no options to change the display language in their configuration menus. That’s when I started to ask myself: how can this be achieved without having to uninstall the applications and reinstall them in a different language? To my surprise, making this change is actually not that hard - you simply need to search for the appropriate configuration options in a rather unexpected place: the Windows 7 Control Panel and make a few clicks. This tutorial will explain how this works.

Rotating Videos with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

Sometimes, when you import videos into your Windows library, they end up being oriented incorrectly. This is particularly an issue with cell phone videos, which can be shot in landscape or portrait mode. You can correct their orientation permanently by using Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, which you can get for free as part of Windows Live Essentials 2011 from Microsoft. This quick tutorial will show how to import such videos into Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, rotate and then export them as new video with the correct orientation.

Adding Music to Videos in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 is all about ease of use, and when it comes to adding background music to your videos and photo slideshows, that theme remains the same. Windows Live Movie Maker’s audio editing features are very basic and mostly limited to fading in and fading out, changing the start and end points and adjusting the volume for the entire clip. But if all you want is a little mood music for your home movie, then Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 let’s you add a soundtrack from your music collection in seconds. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add music to your Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and edit your audio clips.

Publish Pictures On Facebook Using Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

While browsing your library of photos, chances are you will find some you want to post on Facebook and share with your friends on this social network. This usually means that you have to open your Internet browser, go to your Facebook profile, go to Add pictures, upload the pictures, etc. Too many steps if you ask me. Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 allows you to upload pictures to Facebook with a few simple clicks, without having to open the browser. This tutorial will show the steps you need to follow for doing so.

Editing Video in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

In our previous tutorials, we introduced you to Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and showed how to import photos and videos into Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. The next step is to begin editing your video clips in Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. Windows Live Movie Maker’s video editing tab lets you split and trim video clips and adjust their speeds. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use all of these tools and functions.