How To Manage your Programs and Windows Features in Windows

What is the SmartScreen Filter & How Does it Work?

When using Internet Explorer or Windows 8, you can encounter warning messages when trying to download or run specific files. You get warnings stating that the file "is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer" or that "running this program might put your PC at risk". Why does this happen, what does it mean and what are the options you have? This article will answer these questions.

File Recovery Tools: Recuva, Restoration, SoftPerfect, PC Inspector, DiskDigger

These days you can find quite a few programs that promise to help you recover accidentally deleted files. It is great to have lots of options but, which program is really good at helping you recover deleted files? Which deliver on their promise? To find out, I tested some of the most popular applications in this niche, most of them being free. Let’s see what I discovered.

How to Set Up a Digital Photo Editing Environment in Windows

As film has given way to digital media, photographers have moved from the dark room to the computer. This transition has been going along for more than a decade and in that time professional photographers have been learning how to come up consistent and dramatic photos. Editing photos have become a much larger part of what a photographer does and, as a result, the pros have developed some best practices when it comes to setting up an environment that allows them to do their work easily, efficiently, and well. In this article I will try to share with you a few minimal best practices that you must do, to get yourself started in the right direction.

LastPass - How to Import and Export Passwords

After published our article on password security habits, one of our readers asked for a followup on exporting your passwords in order to swap them from one computer or another. This also might be necessary as a backup in case your files are corrupted or lost. Because LastPass helps your security by making all of your passwords different, keeping up with that data might become essential to your ability to quickly login to many of your accounts. So, keeping a backup of this information is a very good idea. Luckily, the people at LastPass recognize how reliant a user might become on their software to keep up with their passwords and made the process relatively simple.

Google and Other 7 Search Providers for Internet Explorer

The address bar in Internet Explorer 9 is used both to type the address of websites you want to browse and to search the web. By default, it uses Bing to search the web but you can install other providers such as Google. If you are looking for other search providers, search no more as we have a list with the most useful you can find in the Internet Explorer Gallery of add-ons.

How to recover accidentally deleted files with Recuva

Don’t you hate it when you accidentally have deleted a file and you realize later that you absolutely need it? If it went to the recycle bin, it’s easy to restore, but what if you permanently deleted it, with a Shift+Delete keyboard combination? Or you deleted it from a smartcard or USB? Like the wedding photo’s from last week? Luckily, most times it is possible to recover those files. There are many tools that can help you do this. One of them is named Recuva, it is free and very popular. This tutorial will show how to recover deleted files using this application.

Roundup of Software Uninstallers - Reviewing IObit vs Ashampoo vs Revo

Today you can find lots of software which helps remove programs and clean up leftover files, folders and registry settings. In theory this is a good thing, as it helps eliminate some of the bloat on your Windows computer. But are these solutions really effective at removing all traces? To find out, I tested some of the most popular applications in this niche, both free and commercial. Let’s see what I discovered.

The Best Remaining Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7

Microsoft used to maintain a Desktop Gadget Gallery that showcased quite a few gadgets for users interested in using them. However, in preparation for the upcoming Windows 8 launch, Microsoft decided to (as some put it) "stop pretending to support gadgets". For the company, supporting them is no longer a good idea. Windows 8 and the Metro interface is supposed to bring to the Windows desktop more and better small applications and Microsoft wants everybody to focus on them and forget about gadgets. But what about existing Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, where do they now find great gadgets to use?