How To Manage your Programs and Windows Features in Windows

How to Change the Metadata Stored in Executable Files in Windows

In another article about the metadata included in files, we showed how to view a file’s metadata and how to change it for common files such as documents or images. But what about the metadata included with executable files (.exe, .dll or .ocx)? With the help of third party tools, their metadata too can be changed. This tutorial will show how.

How to Delete Troublesome & Invalid Shortcuts from the Games Panel

The Games panel in Windows 7 is pretty awesome but it does have one issue: after you install and uninstall a few games, you can end-up having leftover shortcuts that are no longer valid and cannot be removed with ease. If you encounter this problem, this guide shows a few ways to remove these invalid shortcuts.

Top 7 Highest Rated Apps for Windows Phone 7.5

We previously brought you the Top 7 Most Downloaded Apps. Next, we would like to see what does rate high on Windows Phone user's list? In this follow-up article we bring you the Top 7 Highest Rated Apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace, as compiled by AppFlow App Discovery. Because all of the apps featured in this article are those with the highest ratings, you have a good chance of discovering some useful apps.

Internet Explorer on 64-bit - Is Browsing Possible and Working Well?

As promised, I would like to continue our series of articles on 64-bit browsing with Internet Explorer. I’ve used it for a couple of days, tried to find the plugins and add-ons I needed, and evaluate if I can actually make the switch from the 32-bit version. Can you browse the web on 64-bit, without ever returning to the 32-bit edition of Internet Explorer? Learn from this article.

Quick Tip: How To Launch Any Executable With a Keyboard Combination

Do you want to launch any executable file by the press of a few keys on your keyboard, without having to use the mouse? Do you want to do this without installing any third party tools in Windows? There a few ways you can make this work, even if you don’t have a keyboard with programmable keys, by using default Windows functionality. This tutorial shows two ways you can do this in Windows.

Does the 64-bit Version of Internet Explorer 9 Deliver Better Browsing Performance?

The 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 9 has been sitting there, installed on my computer for a long time and I never bothered to check it out. I knew that there weren’t any plugins for it and that some websites would not work well on it. But things have changed in the meantime and the plugin problem has disappeared. Therefore I decided it to take it for a spin and see how well it works. First, I spent some time to run a few benchmarks, compare it to the 32-bit version and see if there is any performance gain. Read this article to learn what I have found.

How to Burn Labels on the Back of your DVDs with LabelFlash

In our previous disc-labeling tutorial, Ciprian mentioned the two types of label-burning technologies: LightScribe and LabelFlash. He covered only LightScribe as such drives are much more widely available. I happen to have a LabelFlash drive and I was able to use this technology a couple of times.

Are there major differences between the two types of disc labelers? Is burning labels easier with one than the other? I was also curious to find out why LightScribe is so much more popular. Here’s what I found out.

Speech Recognition: Afterthoughts on Its Strengths and Weaknesses

I have to admit that I hadn’t used any kind of speech recognition in a long time when I was asked to do the tutorials. The last time I had tried speech recognition, it was with Dragon Dictate, which was new when Windows 98 was also new. A very long time ago in computer years!

I was happy to tackle this subject because I was very interested to see how speech recognition has improved. And boy, has it improved! Even a basic, built-in application like this did an amazingly good job "right out of the box." In this final article about Speech Recognition, I’d like to talk about what I learned while reacquainting myself with the wonders of speech recognition, and where I’ll be going from here.

Troubleshooting Common Speech Recognition Problems

In the previous tutorials about Speech Recognition you learned how to set up this application and the basics of using it. Speech Recognition does work surprisingly well "right out of the box," and it’s quite sophisticated for a built-in application. However, this is not to say that it is foolproof. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems in Speech Recognition, and how to fix them.