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Set Up your Own AdBlock in Internet Explorer 9

One of the things missed in previous versions of Internet Explorer is having an ad blocker, such as the famous AdBlock extension which has versions for Firefox, Chrome or Opera. With Internet Explorer 9, the functionality required to block ads is built-in in the default browser and it is called Tracking Protection. There’s no need to install any add-ons. You simply need to subscribe to the appropriate protection lists. This tutorial will show how.

Top 9 Must Have Add-ons for Internet Explorer 9

After showing how to install and also remove Internet Explorer 9 add-ons, I thought it would be useful to share with you some of the best add-ons you can find for Microsoft’s latest browser. Therefore, I searched for a couple of days and tested lots and lots of add-ons: from very broken add-ons to terribly useful ones. Now that this exercise is finished, this is my list of "Top Add-ons for Internet Explorer 9".

Internet Explorer 9 - Showing Tabs on a Separate Row

If there’s one thing I ‘hated’ about Internet Explorer 9 since day 1 is the fact that, by default, it shows both the address bar and the list of opened tabs on the same row. This translates into one crowded top row which quickly becomes unusable. How do you solve this problem? Well... the solution is pretty simple - you can set Internet Explorer 9 to show the opened tabs on a separate row. Let’s see how.

Demystifying Internet Explorer 9 Add-ons

If there’s one thing that is likely to confuse you about Internet Explorer 9, it is add-ons and the different types available. This is the only browser that currently has four types of add-ons (some even with sub-types). Therefore, we decided to help clear the mystery and explain each type and sub-type of add-ons in detail, so that you understand what they do and how you can use them.

Publishing and Sharing Windows Movie Maker Videos with SkyDrive

Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 makes it easy to create photo slideshows and home movies in seconds. Your SkyDrive makes it easy to publish and share your movies. Friends, family and anyone else who has permission to view your SkyDrive will be able to view, play and share your Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 movies directly from their web browsers. In this tutorial, I’ll show how to upload a Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 video and share it with your contacts.

Training Tablet Input Panel to Work Even Better

In a previous tutorial, we talked about Tablet Input Panel’s handwriting recognition capabilities. If you’ve experimented, you’ve found that it works remarkably well on nearly all handwriting. But if it doesn’t quite understand how you write, or if you just want to make sure Tablet Input Panel works correctly every time—and you’re willing to invest some time—you can get even better results if you do what Microsoft calls "personalize your handwriting."

Windows 7’s Tablet Input Panel: Text Entry and Handwriting Recognition

Tablet PCs are becoming more popular these days, and for good reason. They’re compact and easy to use and can be every bit as powerful as their cousins with keyboards. They’re designed to let you write on the screen with a stylus the same way you’d write on paper with a pen. However, most web sites and other software aren’t designed to accept handwriting. This is where the Tablet Input Panel really shines--it converts almost any handwriting to typed text your applications can use. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to enter text quickly and accurately.