User Accounts and Family Safety

How To Manage User Accounts and Family Safety Settings in Windows

How to Use Bitdefender Parental Control to Restrict Your Child's Activity?

BitdefenderIn a time when online privacy is a highly debated topic, those of you who have children are likely thinking about how to protect them from inappropriate websites, games and all kinds of information that's not suitable for them. That's why many security companies offer parental control features, including Bitdefender. In today's article we will take an in-depth look at the Parental Control features included in Bitdefender security products, explain what they do and how they work. Let's get started:

How to Set Your Xbox One to Automatically Sign-In With Your Account

usersIn the Xbox One update that was made available in June 2014, a small and useful feature was added alongside others: the possibility to set the console to automatically sign-in with one account upon startup. Considering that most Xbox One users have only one account on their devices, this makes starting up their consoles faster. Here's how to set your Xbox One to automatically sign-in with your account:

How to Switch to a Local Account from a Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1

user accountsWe've already provided information about how to switch from a local account to a Microsoft Account for those Windows 8.1 users who want to take advantage of new features of Microsoft's newest operating system. However, we've neglected to help out any users who have tried out using a Microsoft account and aren't impressed. If you are such a user and you want to switch from logging in with a Microsoft account to logging in with a traditional local account, read this tutorial.

How to Upgrade a Local Account to a Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1

user accountsAs even the newest users to Windows 8.1 will quickly discover, Microsoft's newest operating system offers a choice of account types that you can use to log in. A local account works like a typical user account from any older version of Windows, while a Microsoft account offers a bunch of new and useful features that help you get more from Windows 8.1. Many users, not knowing the details of each account type, may simply opt for a local account because it's more familiar. Those users, after learning what they're missing out on, may want to upgrade to a Microsoft account. If you're one of those users and you want to switch from your local account to a Microsoft account, read on for step-by-step instructions to make this change happen.

Introducing Windows 8.1: Should You Use a Local or a Microsoft Account?

user accountsWindows 8.1 offers you a choice that has not been available in older versions of Windows. Right from the start, before you even log in and see the operating system's interface, you'll have to choose whether you want to log in using a local account or a Microsoft account. Users who don't plan on taking advantage of the new Windows 8.1 apps and don't want to use most of its new features, will be more comfortable using a local account, which works just like any account you've ever had on a previous version of Windows. But is there any value in using a Microsoft account? Let's take a deep dive into the differences between these two account types and see when to use each of the options.

Introducing Windows 8.1: How to Add, Create & Switch User Accounts

user accountsWhen you install or use Windows 8.1 for the first time, the first procedure the operating system will walk you through is the one of creating your primary user account. In most cases, this will be the main account that you will use. There are, however, cases when you need to configure additional user accounts, for other family members or friends for instance. Creating additional user accounts is not a complicated task, but for someone new to Windows 8.1 it might be a bit confusing. Let's dig in and see how to add or create new user accounts!

How to Unlink Your Skype ID from Your Microsoft Account

SkypeAt some point after you have linked a Skype ID with your Microsoft account, you may want to unlink them. The reason behind this decision may be your desire to link the Skype ID with another Microsoft account or you may want to simply stop using your Microsoft account to log into Skype. Indifferent of the reason, here's how to remove the link between your Skype ID and your Microsoft account.

How to Link Your Skype ID to a Microsoft Account With the Skype App

SkypeAfter Microsoft's aquisition of Skype, you can link your Skype and Microsoft accounts on most devices that run this service. When you sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account you will get some benefits like: you have to remember only one user account and password and use it across multiple devices and Microsoft services, you get access to a more secure two-factor authentication system, and Skype becomes integrated with Microsoft's services like or Office 365. Let's see how to link your Skype account with your Microsoft account, using the Skype app from Windows 8.1.

How to Control the Apps & Games Used by Children on their Windows Phone

parental controlsWindows Phone 8 doesn't yet have a complete Parental controls feature and you cannot create rules for the websites your child uses on their smartphone, or the social networks he or she is allowed to use. However, Windows Phone does have a basic My Family feature which allows you to set the kind of apps and games your child can download, purchase and use. Here's how it works:

Simple Questions: What is the Guest Account & How to Turn it On?

user accountsWhen someone is visiting for a while and they need access to your Windows computer or tablet, you don't have to create a new user account for them, and you definitely should not give them your user account details. The best solution is to enable the Guest account in Windows and have them use it. This will keep your private files or system settings safe. In this guide we will explain what a Guest account is and how to turn it on in Windows 7 and Windows 8. We will end this guide by also sharing how to turn it off when you no longer need it.