Windows 8 Step by Step - The Best Windows 8 Book is Available Worldwide

We did it! We finished the work our second book! You can’t imagine how happy we are to share this: Windows 8 Step by Step - the best Windows 8 book ever - is now available in many markets, for all our readers and fans to purchase and enjoy. To learn more about it and best place to purchase it, read this article.

Windows 8 Step by Step = One Year of Work

Windows 8 Step by Step was a lengthy project in which many were involved, including myself and Marte Brengle, from our team at 7 Tutorials. I wrote the book together with Joli Ballew - author, Microsoft MVP and Windows expert. Boy, it was an awesome adventure. :D

Windows 8 Step by Step - the Best Windows 8 Book

Where To Find Windows 8 Step by Step

Windows 8 Step by Step can be purchased from many locations:

  • O'Reilly Shop - the price is $29.99 for the print version and $23.99 for the eBook. The print version gives you free access to a digital version on Safari Books. Unlike all other shops, the eBook offered by O’Reilly is available in all digital formats and without any pesky DRM protection. This is a major selling point for me.
  • Amazon US - for now, the price is around $19.00 for the print version but it will vary, depending on Amazon’s discount policy at the time of your purchase.
  • Amazon UK - the price is £11.50 for the print version and will vary according to Amazon’s discount policy.
  • Amazon Canada - the price is around 19 Canadian dollars for the print version.
  • Amazon Germany - the print version costs around 25 Euro.
  • Barnes & Noble - the print version costs around $19.00.

What You Can Find In Windows 8 Step by Step

The book is for people who want to learn Windows 8 in a practical manner, with step by step exercises and without the usual computer jargon. We wrote it to be friendly and easy to understand.

Windows 8 Step by Step - the Best Windows 8 Book

In approximately 780 pages, you get extensive coverage on topics such as:

  • Understanding the new Start screen.
  • Finding your way through the Windows 8 interface and all its novelties.
  • Using the most important Windows 8 apps.
  • Using the Windows Store.
  • Gaming and connecting Windows 8 to your Xbox.
  • Synchronizing your files and settings with SkyDrive.
  • Managing your child’s computing activities with Family Safety.
  • Securing Windows 8.
  • Networking and sharing files, folders and devices from Windows 8
  • Troubleshooting common Windows 8 problems

The book covers all these topics and more, with complete screenshots to guide you. We have taken things even further than we managed with our first book, Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step. At least in terms of quality and writing.

Share Your Feedback

We encourage you to purchase the book, read it and share your feedback with us. Any suggestion that is shared, any typo that is reported will help us improve this book and the quality of our future books. Errata submitted by readers are taken seriously and updates will be made to the book. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go to the official page of the book and report any mistakes you find, no matter how small: Windows 8 Step by Step on O'Reilly Shop.

Appreciate everyone’s help and support in making this book a success.