Windows Firewall

How to use and configure the Windows Firewall in Windows 7 and Windows 8. How to manage how the network is used and by which programs.

How to Change the Windows Firewall's List of Allowed & Blocked Apps

Windows FirewallWindows Firewall is a security feature built into Windows that helps block unauthorized access to your computer while permitting authorized communications to and from your computer. It has been improved in each new version of Windows. With Windows 8.1, this tool can filter both inbound and outbound traffic or set rules and exceptions, depending on the type of network to which you're connected. In this article we will show how to edit the list of allowed apps and features. You will learn to edit existing connection rules, add new apps to the list of exceptions or remove them from it.

Simple Questions: What is the Windows Firewall & How to Turn It On or Off?

Windows FirewallThe Windows Firewall has been included in each version of Windows for the last decade and it is a silent tool that keeps our systems safe from all kinds of network threats. Because it is a silent ally, doing most of its work in the background, few users interact with it on a regular basis and even fewer know what this tool is and how it works. That's why, in this article, we will explain what the Windows Firewall is, what it does, how to find it and how to enable it or disable it, depending on whether you want to use it or not.

5 Reasons Why the Windows Firewall is One of the Best Firewalls

Since we launched 7 Tutorials, we have tested lots of security products. Over the years, we learned a lot about what it means to provide a good security product and, we also learned that the Windows Firewall is one of the best firewalls available. Here are five reasons why we believe that the Windows Firewall is awesome:

Reviewing the Windows 7 Firewall & Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0

This week in the Security for Everyone Series we look at the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials. Security Essentials was released in September 2009 to differing opinions. In a short amount of time independent testing organizations identified Security Essentials as one of the most effective desktop security solutions available. In mid-December 2010 Microsoft released Security Essentials 2.0. In this review we will look at what has changed in the latest version.

Security for Everyone - The Windows 7 Firewall & Security Essentials

Roughly one month prior to the release of Windows 7, Microsoft debuted its consumer antivirus and antispyware solution, Microsoft Security Essentials. This solution does not include a firewall which is understandable since Windows 7 does include one. Microsoft has a sketchy past with previous firewall incarnations that either left systems open for attack or did not provide the customization options that existed in commercial solutions. In this review I will take a closer look at the capabilities of Microsoft Security Essentials and the Windows 7 firewall. I will try to determine if the software giant has managed to stroll into the desktop security space as a solid contender.

How to Restore the Windows Firewall to its Defaults

In our previous tutorials about the Windows Firewall we've shown everything you can do with it: beginning with how to enable it, accessing defined rules, creating new ones, checking advanced reports and defining advanced communication rules. If you've done lots of configuring on it, something might stop working at some point. In such cases, it would be best to reset all rules to the default ones created by Microsoft and start from scratch. In this tutorial I will show how to do just that.

How to Use Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is a tool which allows you a lot more control over the rules applied by the Windows Firewall to protect your computer. With it, you can tweak all properties of every security rule, define new rules or disable undesired ones. In this tutorial I will give you an overview of this tool and all the available features.

Windows Firewall - How it Works and How to Enable or Disable It

The Windows Firewall has been changed quite a bit since Windows XP. Windows 7 now allows this tool to filter both inbound and outbound traffic or set rules and exceptions depending on the type of network you are connected to. Considering there are quite a few changes, we will start a small series presenting all the capabilities of this security tool. For starters we will show how to access the Windows Firewall, present the basics about how it works and show how to turn it on or off.