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How To Add & Switch Keyboard Languages In Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 devices generally have English plus your native language as the default keyboard input languages available for typing messages and emails. In today's world many of us know more than one language and we communicate with people all over the world. In such situations we need more than one keyboard input language installed on our smartphones. How do you add a new keyboard input language in Windows Phone 8.1? Let's find out in this tutorial.

5 Things You Can Do With The Kaspersky Safe Browser On Windows Phone

Windows Phone, KasperskyNot long ago, Kaspersky released a new browser available for Windows Phone and iOS which was expected to be promising. What makes it different from the other browsers? Well, Kaspersky Safe Browser, besides providing the usual navigation tools, protects your data online by blocking malicious and phishing websites. The app can also be configured to block specific categories of unwanted content and provides different tools to improve your online experience. In this article we will present some of the most interesting features of this browser. Let's go:

How To Project Your Windows Phone Screen Using A USB Connection

Windows Phone, project screenYou may have found out that that showing pictures, videos or a game on a phone to a group can be really annoying. Everyone gathers around you and most of them can't see anything. Luckily, Windows Phone has an interesting feature which allows you to project your screen to your computer via USB. This feature requires an additional app on your computer, but the process is really fast and easy to do. In this article we will show you how to use this feature and how to customize the projected view. Let's go:

How To Change The Display Language In Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1If you purchased your Windows Phone overseas or you accidentally changed some settings you may end up with an unknown language, that you may find impossible to understand. Fortunately, we can help you solve this problem in no time. In this article, we will show you how to switch the display language of your Windows Phone to your own native language. You can do this in no time, unless you are using a more exotic language for which Windows Phone does not provide support. Let's assume that this is not the case though, and see how the usual process works. Let's go:

Reviewing The Microsoft Lumia 640 - A Good Windows Phone Experience At A Reasonable Price

Nokia Lumia 640Microsoft Lumia 640 is the latest budget smartphone with Windows Phone that was released by Microsoft. Until Windows 10 Mobile is available, it will most probably be the last Windows Phone launched by Microsoft. A couple of weeks ago we received this phone for testing. We used it for all kinds of tasks from simple phone conversations to recording video and GPS navigation. Today we are ready to share our opinion about this smartphone, in this review:

How To Use & Configure The Glance Screen On Windows Phone Lumias

Glance ScreenThe Glance screen is a feature that has been available for a while on almost every Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Lumia smartphone. It was first introduced by Nokia to its Lumia lineup running Windows Phone 8, back in the summer of 2013. Essentially, Glance lets you set your Lumia to display various information on its screen, even when the smartphone is in standby. This is a pretty neat feature, as it allows you to quickly get a glimpse of essential information like the time or your notifications, without having to turn on your smartphone and without wasting any significant battery power, as the screen is not using any backlight to display this information. Read on to find how to enable Glance and how to set it on your Lumia smartphone:

Simple Questions: What Is The Clearblack Technology And Why Is It Great?

ClearBlackRecently, some of our friends asked what ClearBlack is and why we always say it's so great. Unfortunately, we couldn't tell them anything else except that the ClearBlack screens available on our Lumias look really good. The "black is black" and you can see what's displayed on them even when you're outdoors, in bright light. As you can imagine, we felt frustrated about our not so helpful explanation. So we started digging on the Internet, in order to find more about Nokia's ClearBlack technology and why it is awesome. Here's what we've found:

Reviewing Microsoft Lumia 640 XL - A Good Smartphone For Business Users

Microsoft Lumia 640 XLMicrosoft Lumia 640 XL is one of two smartphones that come with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 installed. It aims to replace the Lumia 1320 and it's an affordable Windows Phone phablet. Microsoft hasn't released one in quite a long time. In terms of hardware specs, Lumia 640 XL stands out through its generous battery and its camera. But what about the real user experience? We took this new smartphone for a spin and we're ready to share our conclusions in this review:

How To Secure Your Dropbox Data In Windows Phone With A PIN

DropboxDropbox is a very popular cloud storage service that's also present on Windows Phone. One of the things you can do with the Dropbox app for Windows Phone is to lock all your data with a security PIN, so that people who get unauthorized access to your smartphone, don't get access to your data on Dropbox. Here's how to enable this security feature:

How To Use Contacts+Message Backup App For Windows Phone

ContactsThere are certain situations where you need to backup your contacts or messages, like a system reset or switching to another Windows Phone. Windows Phone didn't have a built-in function that could restore your contacts and messages until now, when Microsoft released it in the form of a free application called Contact+Message Backup. The process is simple: the application creates backup for all your contacts and messages to your SD card. You can use this backup for a later restore on the same Windows Phone or another Windows Phone device. In this tutorial you will learn how to install the Contact+Message Backup app and how to use it. Let's go:

How To Use Dropbox On Your Windows Phone Smartphone

DropboxDropbox is a very popular cloud storage service, which lets you store, access and share your files from almost everywhere. All you have to do is sign up for their services and become the owner of a Dropbox account. Then, you install and use one of the applications that they offer for all the major mobile platforms, including Windows Phone. This tutorial is going to show what you can do with the Dropbox app for Windows Phone. Let's get started: