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Tutorials, how-to guides and reviews for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Taking screenshots in Windows Phone has been problematic, at least until the release of Windows Phone 8. Now this task can be done with ease, by pressing two buttons on your phone. Also, Windows Phone 8.1 has changed the procedure for taking screenshots, which may confuse users. To learn how to take screenshots in Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, read this quick tutorial.

How to Resize, Move or Unpin Tiles on the Start Screen in Windows Phone 8

start screenWe all know how important it is to be able to personalize your smartphone and if there's one area where Windows Phone stands out, it is its customizability. In this operating system you can pin, resize, move or unpin any app or shortcut you want, so that you can truly make the Start screen your own. In this tutorial we will share how to resize the tiles on the Start screen, move them around and unpin them when you no longer wish to use them.

How to Pin Anything to Your Windows Phone's Start Screen

startWindows Phone users know and appreciate the fact that this operating system offers a very highly customizable Start screen to which you can pin just about anything. Even our team did not realize just how many things can be pinned to it until we tried writing this article. Read it and learn how to pin: apps, games, contacts, groups, chat rooms, Office documents and locations, OneNote notebooks, websites, email folders, maps, music, playlists, videos and photo albums. This is a long list, isn't it?

Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 525 – Is it Better than the Lumia 520?

nokia lumia 525Nokia has launched an upgrade to their most popular Windows Phone device - the Lumia 520. The new model is named Nokia Lumia 525 and it is almost identical to its predecessor both in its design and hardware configuration. There are only two very notable differences: the Lumia 525 has 1GB of RAM memory instead of 521 MB and a very glossy look. Since the Lumia 520 is so successful, we were curious to learn whether the Lumia 525 is a good upgrade. Does it provides an even better smartphone experience? Read this review to see what we have learned:

How to Customize the Background & Tiles Colors in Windows Phone 8

visual customizationVisual customization is one of the most important things a user wants when using any device, including a smartphone. Windows Phone 8 has a very different approach to visual customization from other mobile operating systems and it allows users to change both the background color used by the operating system as well as the accent color used to display tiles and shortcuts. Here's how to change the look and feel of your Windows Phone device:

How to Control the Apps & Games Used by Children on their Windows Phone

parental controlsWindows Phone 8 doesn't yet have a complete Parental controls feature and you cannot create rules for the websites your child uses on their smartphone, or the social networks he or she is allowed to use. However, Windows Phone does have a basic My Family feature which allows you to set the kind of apps and games your child can download, purchase and use. Here's how it works:

Simple Questions: What is NFC (Near Field Communication)?

NFCNFC is an acronym that is often used when referring to modern smartphones and tablets. But what does it mean? And what does NFC do? I've seen many people who have very expensive smartphones with NFC but they have no idea what NFC is or how they can use this technology. If you would like to learn more about it, including how to tell whether you have NFC on your smartphone or not, read this guide.

Reviewing the Nokia Lumia 1020 - The Ultimate Camera Smartphone

nokia lumia 1020When I first learned about the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, I was very excited. I wanted to know if this smartphone could truly replace my point-and-shoot camera. A couple of months later, I managed to get my hands on a test unit and today I'm ready to share my opinion about this unique Windows Phone device. Is the hype behind the Lumia 1020 truly deserved? Learn the answer to this question and more, from this review:

How to Migrate Data from an Old Windows Phone to a New Windows Phone

migrateA few days ago, I broke my HTC 8S with Windows Phone 8 and I replaced it with a Nokia Lumia 720. Getting my hands on a new phone meant I had to move all my apps and data, and configure it as close as I could to my old smartphone. This was a great occasion to write a tutorial on how to migrate everything from an old Windows Phone 8 device to a new one. As you'll see, it's a relatively straightforward process. Anyone should be able to go through it without any major problems.

How Can Windows Phone Save Your Life? Send Your Location in a Message

messageIf you find yourself in an emergency situation in which you need to share your exact location and ask for help, Windows Phone 8 is there to help. You can quickly send a message with a map and your exact location. This feature can be useful also when you want to meet with someone that doesn't know your exact location and you can't explain very well where you are. You send a quick message with your location and they can figure out how to get to you as fast as possible. We all went through this scenario, didn't we? Here's how it works:

How to Transfer Files to Others, with Bluetooth, from Windows Phone

BluetoothBluetooth is one of the most popular ways of transferring files between mobile devices, whether they are smartphones, tablets or other types devices. The procedure for sharing the files found on your Windows Phone via Bluetooth is a bit lengthy but not very difficult. If you want to successfully transfer files via Bluetooth, from your Windows Phone, read this guide to learn how to do it.

Are You Looking for a Google Authenticator App on Windows Phone?

two-step verificationWe all know the strong competition between Microsoft and Google and how ruthless it is at times. Because of it, Google has chosen not to develop Windows Phone apps for most of its services. Therefore, the Google Authenticator app that's requested by many services for two-step verification is missing from Windows Phone. Since two-step verification is a very common method for securing all kinds of accounts, being able to use a Google Authenticator clone on Windows Phone is very important. Fortunately for us Windows Phone users, Microsoft has our backs and they have developed their own Authenticator app and published it for free. Here's how it works: