Windows Virtual PC

How to work with Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode, in Windows 7.

How to Work with Windows XP Mode

Windows Virtual PCIn a previous article we talked about the requirements and installation procedure of Windows XP Mode. Now it is time to show you how to actually work with it. I will start with where to find Windows XP Mode, continue with how to use it's interface and finish with how to run an Windows XP application directly from Windows 7. Also, I'll be showing how to work with USB devices in Windows XP Mode.

Boost Performance with Integration Components for Windows Virtual PC

Windows Virtual PCOne of the disadvantages of running a virtual machine with a guest operating system is the fact that it works pretty slowly and it eats up a lot of resources. In Windows Virtual PC, Microsoft has elegantly solved this problem by providing a package called Integration Components. This package can be installed in your virtual machine and significantly improves the interaction between your virtual machine and the physical computer, as well as between the host and guest operating systems. In this article I will describe the benefits of using Integration Components, how to install them, configure them and turn them on.

How to Install an Operating System in Windows Virtual PC

Windows Virtual PCIn our previous articles, we discussed about Windows Virtual PC & Windows XP Mode and shown what these tools do, the prerequisites for using them and how to install them. I will continue this series by showing how to install a guest operating system in Windows Virtual PC. As you will see, the process is not very complicated, even if there are a few configuration options you should be aware of.

Windows XP Mode - Prerequisites & Installation Guide

Windows Virtual PCWindows XP Mode or XPM is a very useful feature which allows Windows 7 users to run a pre-configured virtual machine with a licensed copy of Windows XP Service Pack 3. This allows users to run old applications in Windows XP mode directly from Windows 7 therefore eliminating the need to have both operating systems installed. This feature helps eliminate many issues, especially in corporate networks which use a lot of old software. In this article I will show the following: when is Windows XP Mode useful, which are the prerequisites for installing it, how to install it and how to configure its installation.

Windows Virtual PC - Prerequisites & Installation Guide

Windows Virtual PCWindows Virtual PC is a virtualization solution provided for free by Microsoft. You can use it to install and run in a virtual environment other operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows Vista, directly from your Windows 7. These virtual environment operating systems are called virtual machines and can be very useful in many scenarios. In this article I will share the following: what you can do with Windows Virtual PC, which operating systems are supported, what are the prerequisites for using it, where to find it and how to install it.